Domain Age Checker

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Domain Age Checker

Backlinks, keyword density, and content quality are the most common factors for higher ranking in search engine optimization. However, domain age is most times an overlooked factor that could contribute positively to a website's ranking. 


One of the best online tools to get a domain’s age is the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker. With the help of this tool, getting the accurate age of a website or domain has been made easy. Read on to learn more about our domain age checker, its features, benefits, and how to use it.

What is a Domain Age Checker?

First, a domain age is the accurate or approximate age of a domain. In simple terms, it is how old a domain is or the amount of time a domain has existed.

A domain age checker therefore is a tool that calculates and provides the accurate date a domain name was registered. 


Benefits and Features of the Domain Age Checker

Here are some reasons to use this online tool:

To verify a domain's age before purchase

Some existing domains have been tagged as spam or malware. So, carrying out an investigation like checking the domain's age before purchase gives you an idea of these flaws and damages. 


With the help of the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker, you can verify the age of a domain before purchase, have an idea of how long it has existed, and then take steps to remove noticed flaws and damages.

Check a competitor's domain age

How well do you know your competitors? Knowing your competition's strengths and weaknesses is to your advantage. Checking a competitor's domain age gives you an idea of how long their backlink profile is. You'd also get an idea of how much traffic they generate and how well their domain does in search engine rankings. This Domain Age Checker gives you an idea of all these and more.


The Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker is a completely free and efficient way to accurately get the age of a domain. This tool charges no hidden fees, membership fees, or monthly subscription fees.


The tool is simple and easy to use and does not require any registration or installation. You just need a good internet connection.


How to use the Domain Age Checker


  • Enter the domain name in the text box provided.


  • Click on the get domain age icon and get the desired result in seconds.


Usually, many other domain age checkers just give you the year of the domain but the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker gives you the year, month, and date of domain creation, domain age, domain update date, and domain expiry date.



Can I check my domain age online?

Yes, use the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker to get any domain's age in seconds.

Is domain age important?

Yes, your website domain's age provides valuable information that can have either negative or positive effects on how it performs on search engines.

Can I check my domain age online?

Yes, use the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker to get any domain's age in just a few seconds.


Knowing what your competitor’s domain age is gives you an idea of how long they’ve been in that niche and how much effort you need to put into ranking above them in search engine result pages. Use the Seotoolsaudit Domain Age Checker to ascertain their domain age and be on your way to better SEO results.