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Use the color picker to create beautiful color schemes of your choice. Hexadecimal, RGB, and HSL values are displayed of the colors for usage aswell. This tool is only For Desktop Use.

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About Color Picker

Finding the ideal color scheme can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack in the bright world of design, where colors are the brushstrokes of feeling and messages. But don't worry, you have the Color Picker readily at your disposal.

Here are reasons to consider using a color picker instead of trying to figure out the colors of something by yourself.

What is a Color Picker?

Imagine that you see a website with a beautiful color scheme and want to use those colors in your own project. Or perhaps you have a beautiful photograph and want to identify the colors that stand out to keep the image looking consistent. When you need to find a specific color, the Color Picker Tool is your go-to.

Color Picker allows you to choose, sample, and identify certain colors from various sources such as images or web pages. It is similar to having a color detective at your disposal. It gives you precise color codes, like hexadecimal, RGB, or HSL values, so you can easily duplicate or include these colors in your design work.

You can use the color picker in the following fields.

  • Digital marketing: Research successful campaigns' color palettes and apply them to your own marketing materials.
  • Web design: Use the tool to select exact colors for your own designs or to sample colors from current websites for inspiration.
  • Branding: For accurate brand representation, duplicate the exact colors of a company's logo or branding materials.
  • Graphic Design: To preserve a consistent look across your project, extract colors from photographs or illustrations.

Benefits and Features of a Color Picker

  • Easy to Use: Even if you are not a design expert, it is really simple to grasp and utilize. Simply click around to choose your colors.
  • Sampling of Colors: Imagine you have a favorite color that you can find in a photograph, on a website, or elsewhere. You can know the color with this tool and use it for your work. It is similar to owning a color magnet.
  • Simplified Color Codes: You're probably familiar with the fancy codes for colors, such as #FF5733 or RGB(255,87,51). So, this tool calculates them for you. It does the magic, so you don't need to be a code genius.
  • Create Color Palettes: Want to organize your favorite colors? To use later, you can make your own palette of colors. It feels like having a private collection of your favorite hues.
  • Harmonize Your Colors: Have you ever wondered what colors go best together? You get hints from this tool. It's like having a color stylist to make sure your colors go well together.
  • Works on Everything: This tool works on a laptop, computer, or even a phone. It works well regardless of the gadget you're using.

How to Use the Color Picker?

You can use the SeoToolsAudit color picker in a few minutes. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to SEOToolsaudit to access the Color Picker Tool.
  2. You have the option to use the tool directly from your screen, upload a picture, or input a website URL.
  3. Choose the color that you wish to distinguish or imitate.
  4. Hexadecimal, RGB, and HSL values for the color are shown by the tool in a few seconds.
  5. You can either save the color for later usage or make a color palette for upcoming design projects.


In the design world, the Color Picker Tool is an impressive innovation. It is a must-have resource for experts and newcomers alike.

By simplifying the color-picking process, this tool helps you create useful designs that truly connect with your audience.

Therefore, use the Color Picker to explore the universe of colors; your creative abilities will be grateful.


How can I use the color picker tool in my web design projects?

It's easy to choose precise shades to use or get color inspiration from already-existing websites in your designs. Then you can use the info you get to know what color to use for your website.

Can I use the color picker tool for branding?

Definitely! To ensure precise brand representation, you can duplicate the same colors used in a company's logo or other branding materials.

What can I use the Color Picker Tool for in digital marketing?

It helps you to identify the color palettes used by effective advertisements, allowing you to incorporate those colors for maximum impact into your own marketing materials.

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