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About Backlink Checker

Every webmaster aware of SEO ranking knows that a website’s backlinking is important and helps a website rank in the search engine results. You need to be sure about websites linking to you and if the link does more harm or good.

A backlink checker makes it easy to know all information about all backlinks to your website. In this article, we'll delve into the world of backlink checkers and demonstrate how they can help you raise the search engine rankings of your website.

What is a Backlink Checker?

Backlinks are links that go from one website page to a page on another website using anchor text. Backlinks are also referred to as one-way links, inbound links, and incoming links.

Google and other search pages consider backlinks checkers for a certain page, showing its authority, quality, and relevance to a subject or niche. Pages with many relevant backlinks typically rank well in organic search results because they are seen as authority pages.

With a backlink checker, you can determine how many websites link to yours. The result you get from the backlink checker will help you determine the website’s traffic and where it is coming from.

It also assists in researching your rivals and discovering their marketing approaches. You will know the right keywords that help backlinks and how effective these keywords are. Also, backlink checkers help you know which SEO keywords are performing and helping your page rank.

Features of Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker tool provided by Seotoolsaudit provides the following features:

  • Information about keywords generating a website's traffic.
  • The count of the IPs referring to the website.
  • The count of the no-follow links and follow links.
  • The number of backlinks bringing visitors to the site.
  • The count of the domains that refer to the site.

What are the benefits of a Backlink checker?

The results of the backlink checker are of immense help in recovering lost links, building new relationships, auditing competitors' backlinks, and building a good backlink profile. Here are some tips and tricks to use the backlink checker results productively:

1. Website Insight

Backlink checker does a detailed assessment of the websites that connect to your website. This helps to understand the state of your backlink profile and how it affects your SEO performance.

There is much more to this than just the quantity of links pointing back to your page. It examines a number of variables. Overall, it's a great strategy to strengthen your SEO position and ultimately increase website traffic.

2. Eliminate Toxic Backlinks

Your website's reputation may suffer greatly if spammy, malicious, or generally low-quality websites are linked to it. If you are thought to be violating Google's algorithm guidelines, your website may potentially be de-indexed.

You can simply remove spammy links that might harm your SEO health by using a good backlink checker to examine the status of your backlinks.

3. Recovering Lost Links

The 404 error happens when there is a problem with a webpage loading or if the URL of a webpage breaks. When users find such errors on a webpage, they lose faith in the website. The 404 error eventually harms a website's reputation and decreases traffic.

4. Build good relationships

The Backlink Checker helps you to learn about the people following you on the internet. After you know them, you may build good relationships. They spread the good word about your website as they become loyal and friendly.

Eventually, your reputation grows online, increasing more and more traffic to your site.

How to use Backlink Checker?

  1. Copy the URL of the webpage you would like to analyze.
  2. Paste it on the box of the tool. Click on "Submit".
  3. The Backlink checker software brings all the details about the backlinks on the webpage.


You can examine your backlinks and your competitors using the Seotoolsaudit Backlink Checker. This will make it simple for you to spot fresh link-building chances. To quickly examine all websites that link to your competitor's website, simply enter your competitor's domain. The outcomes can reveal the link-building tactics used by your competitors, and you can receive a list of websites you can contact.


How does a Backlink Checker work?

When you feed in a webpage URL, the software visits the page. It then uses its Artificial Intelligence to search for backlinks on the page. The tool then counts the links pointing to your website and produces the results.

Can I use Backlink Checker for SEO?

Yes. The backlink checker helps you to improve your SERP ranking. Backlinks are one of the few aspects that impact search engine rankings. It sorts the good and bad links and gives a detailed assessment of how each link helps. This helps you optimize good links and keywords. In general, the backlinks increase the traffic to the site. Let us understand with an example below:

You create a guest post about your service on another website. While making the post, you include a backlink that directs the reader to your site. After adopting this strategy, you use the backlink checker and find it working. In addition, the software says that the number of visitors entering the site through the links (provided in the guest post) is increasing daily. So, you create similar guest posts on other websites.

Net Result: You learned that a new strategy was a success with the help of Backlink Checker.

What are the main features of a quality backlink?

Many factors help ensure that you have a quality backlink that will not harm your page. Here are three main unnegotiable quality backlink features.

  • A reputable website domain
  • A relatable anchor text that blends in with the page content
  • Relevance of webpage topic to the linked web page.

Will the Backlink Checker provide Backlink Scores?

Yes. The backlink scores are the number of backlinks a webpage has. A good website should have at least 40 backlinks to its home page and at least one or two to its other pages.

Can I detect toxic backlinks using the backlink checker?

No, to detect Toxic backlinks, please use our Toxic Link checker.

How many types of Backlinks are there?

Backlinks come in just two flavors: Dofollow and Nofollow. A web page reader won't be able to tell the difference between a backlink that is Dofollow and one that is nofollow. The source code makes a difference.

The most popular and effective sort of backlink for SEO is a do-follow link.  Dofollow informs Google and other search engines that "the content on the other end of this link is noteworthy."

Nofollow Backlinks that are used less frequently. They are employed to instruct search engines to disregard a specific link.

Why is Backlink Checkers important?

Backlink Checker tools represent the confidence of one site from another. This software helps to learn about the backlinks directing traffic to your website according to search engines. Also, backlinks signal people to vouch for your work.

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