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Paraphrasing Tool

Use the online AI paraphrasing tool to rewrite or paraphrase articles with the features including, rewriting essays, eliminating plagiarism, and rewording articles. Our free paraphrasing tool works best as a content word changer and sentence re-phraser.

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About Paraphrasing Tool

As a writer, SEO specialist, digital marketer, website owner, or blogger, you may not always have the time to create original content on your website. So, to save time and even cost, you can use an article spinner or paraphrasing tool.

You will learn more about our paraphrasing tool on this page.

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool helps rewrite or rephrase existing material differently while maintaining the original meaning. It is frequently used to prevent plagiarism or to produce original content from previously published sources.

Paraphrasing is properly acknowledging the source while conveying someone else's thoughts or information in your own words. A paraphrasing program automates this process by analyzing the original text and creating alternative wordings or sentence structures that communicate the same idea.

To construct paraphrased versions of the text, these technologies employ various strategies, including synonym substitution, sentence restructuring, and rearranging the order of the sentences. The objective is to provide fresh content with a different tone and structure while preserving the original idea.

Benefits and Features of Our Paraphrasing Tool

Here are reasons to use this tool to rephrase your articles.

Several synonyms

This online paraphrase generator offers many synonyms while paraphrasing your text. Users can select any suitable synonym for their paraphrased version of an article. You don't need to be concerned about changing the essay's original meaning because it gives you a word selection based on the context.

This paragraph changer highlights the words it has changed in your content after you have rephrased a paragraph. Simply click the word to bring up a choice of synonyms, and then select the one that best fits the structure of the phrase. 

Eliminate Plagiarism

Plagiarism can harm a writer's reputation and career. But this paraphrasing tool offers a way to get rid of plagiarism. Users of this online paraphraser can rely on the accuracy of the text it generates. You can use our plagiarism detector to verify the originality of the paraphrased text.

Saves manual efforts

Rephrasing text is time-consuming and tasking. Read the full text and make sure you comprehend its major point first. You will then need to fully explain the idea in your own words. However, you can rephrase online with our paraphrasing tool without entering a single word. Simply upload the text, and you will always have new content.

Make Attractive Content

Content needs the right words, great tones, and attention-grabbing styles to attract the audience. Our online tool for paraphrasing can produce top-notch text that successfully captures the target audience's interest.

Enhanced Sentence Construction

Manual paraphrasing makes text harder to read. However, this sentence paraphraser affects your text's organization and improves readability. likewise provides you with well-written, paraphrased text.

Increasing output

The main benefit of using this online tool for paraphrasing is that you can paraphrase as much information as you want. When posting blogs about the same subject, productivity is a serious problem. The greatest paraphrasing tool enables you to produce fresh versions of existing articles without investing time or money, which increases your productivity.

Results free of errors

Because our online tool accurately rephrases material to provide an entirely accurate result, you will receive a paraphrased text that will not contain any errors. 

Multiple languages

With the help of our rewording tool, you may change the language of any sentence or the entire text to English EN, Dutch NL, French FR, Spanish ES, German DE, Turkish TUR, or Indonesian ID.  

Simple Download

After the procedure, a download button and the rephrased text will appear on your screen. After editing your paraphrased text, click the download option to store the file on your computer or smartphone. 

Zero incompatibility

Users won't experience any compatibility problems when utilizing this web tool for rephrasing. Any device can be used to access the tool. So, you won't need to purchase a specific gadget or install any plugins to paraphrase your articles.

How to use the Paraphrasing tool?

Using the paraphraser tool takes only a little time; here are the steps involved:

  1. Copy the article you want to paraphrase
  2. Go to SEOToolsaudit and navigate to the Paraphrasing tool, aka Article Spinner
  3. Paste the text in the box provided
  4. Choose the language
  5. Click on spin
  6. After the result is out, click on finish
  7. You can download the article in TXT or HTML format
  8. Click on download

You can check for plagiarism before downloading the document

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the paraphrasing tool function?

Using different words, phrases, or sentences, article paraphrasing tools take an original article and make one or more variations. You might have come across article-spinning software if you've done any research on natural language production apps for content marketing.

Can Google detect paraphrased articles?

If you use a good article paraphrase like SEOToolsaudit, it will be hard for Google to detect it as duplicate content. However, you should be careful because Google’s algorithm is now good at identifying spammy content.

Is rewriting articles helpful for SEO?

Yes, specifically AI rewriters. They assist you in enhancing or updating any current content strategy without encountering concerns with plagiarism or duplication.

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