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The website reviewer tool gives you a complete overview of how a website performs from an SEO and technical point of view. Simply enter the URL below and click on the "Submit" button to know more.

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About Website Reviewer

As a website designer or admin, your job is incomplete until you create a  responsive, attractive, and mobile-friendly website that would boost your business or client's brands.

Run a comprehensive website check with our effective website reviewer tool to detect errors and irregularities that could affect your web's growth and productivity.

What is a Website Reviewer?

A Website Reviewer is an easy-to-use tool that helps you check your website's features, performances, and errors. It will reveal everything concerning your website, including Meta description, most-used keywords, domain registration, domain expiring date, security, etc. 

Features and the Benefit of a Website Reviewer 

The main benefit of this tool is that it offers a comprehensive audit that helps you know what is good and bad about your website. It will reveal what to retain, improve, or change to enjoy improved traffic and better revenue in the long run.

Meanwhile, below are some features you should expect from the website reviewer tool. 

Title Tag

A title tag is one of the most significant features of a website that wants to rank on search engines. That's why our website reviewer tool prioritizes websites' title tags. It will check it and provide accurate results, letting you know if it's in the best or worst condition. 

Meta Description

This tool helps you know the meta description for your page. It will show how it appears on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

It won't only reveal the character length, but it will also let you know if the description requires any update or editing. 

Load Time

A website reviewer will run a quick load test and detect how long it takes to open your page. Ensure you improve your web's load time if the result is more than 2 seconds because the best web load time is between 1-2 seconds.

Slow load time will lead to a high bounce rate and low revenue generation because people hate spending much time accessing a page. 

Headings Usage

Headings are an important part of Search Engines Optimization. They play a vital role in boosting your website's rankings and efficiency.

With this feature, the tool will provide an accurate number of Headings on your website, including where and how you apply them. It will tell you whether to maintain or improve your H1, H2, and H3 usage. 

Alt Attribute

Our Website Reviewer will count the number of images on the page and determine whether to remove some to improve the web's usability and load time.

Similarly, it will call your attention to missing Alt attributes (images without a well-defined description) that could affect SEO efficiency. 

Keyword Consistency

Keyword Consistency is an SEO practice that involves spreading primary keywords (you want to rank for) across your article or webpage.

This user-friendly tool will check the web page and show the most used keywords and the times they appear.

The result will help you make the necessary changes your website needs to rank higher than competitors. 

In-page Links

This Website Reviewer will count the number of internal and external links on your page. It will also suggest you increase or decrease the overall links on your page. 

Mobile Friendliness and Compatibility

You won't generate much traffic, subscribers, and revenue if your website isn't mobile-friendly because 60.67% of internet users browse with their mobile phones.

So, your website must be accessible to all internet users regardless of devices, location, and financial status.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily detect if your web page is compatible with mobile phones. Don't hesitate to make the required alterations if the results are average or bad.

Other features include Email Privacy, page size, Google Preview, broken links, Speed Tips, etc.

How to Use the Seotoolsaudit Website Reviewer?

  1. Visit the Seotoolsaudit website reviewer page.
  2. Type your website or page address link in the available column. 
  3. Complete the captcha test to prove your human status. 
  4. Click on the “submit” button to continue. The results will display on your screen in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I analyze a website for free?

You can analyze a website for free by using a free tested-and-trusted website checking tool like the SEOtoolaudit Website Reviewer. Our tool will provide the web's updated and accurate analysis at no cost.

Why is it important to check a website with a website reviewer tool?

Website checking helps you detect and solve hidden errors that could affect your web's ranking and productivity.

How do I know if my website is doing well?

You can know your website's status if you check it regularly using a credible reviewer tool. Don't just assume your website is in top-notch condition; deploy our free tool and confirm if it needs one or two adjustments.

How often should you test your web page with a website reviewer tool?

Website checking isn't a one-off affair but something you do regularly. Check your web before launching it, check it a few weeks after going live, and conduct monthly tests for optimum performance.

How do I know if a website is safe using a website reviewer?

Check the website URL using our website reviewer. Scroll down to the “safe browsing” feature and see for yourself.

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