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Use the Page Size Checker to check any web page size in Kilobytes and bytes. This is particularly useful for SEO and webmasters to assess the performance of various web pages.

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About Page Size Checker

Despite having good content, multiple backlinks, and other tools that help SEO ranking, your website can still record low visits due to your page size. This is so because your page size determines the website’s load time, and most online users now don't have enough patience to wait for several seconds for a website to load.

A page size checker helps you know if your webpage size does not exceed the standard size, which aids in quick website load time. Learn more about a web page size checker, its benefits, and how to use it below.

What is a Page Size Checker?

One of the most crucial variables to assess is web page size because larger pages take longer to load and drop in Google's rankings more quickly. For many websites, a longer loading time directly correlates with less revenue made or leads generated.

A page size checker is a tool to check a webpage’s size, loading speed, and functionality. The tool's primary function is to notice the webpage speed.

A website that has an average size of 120 KB loads rapidly. However, media resources like photographs and videos increase the size of your website, which could cause it to load slowly. Embedded media also increases a website's size.

Page Size Checker measures a page's size in both bytes and kilobytes. Additionally, it enables customers to look up the hosting plan cap. Low-level hosting plans frequently include a size restriction. In such cases, website owners must purchase a new plan with increased speed. 

Benefits and Features of Page Size Checker

Here are reasons you should consider using a page size checker

Saves time and effort 

Using a page size checker tool, you don’t have to manually calculate the page size for each domain. You will get results immediately by entering the URL in our tool and running a Page Size Test. Your time and effort will be saved, and they can be used to check out how to limit the page size and decrease the loading rate. 

Reduces the bounce rate

Your website will start loading more quickly, and your bounce rate will start lowering when you review the Page Size Test data and start working on reducing your page size.

Boosts Traffic

Page size affects the leads you get because no one wants to wait long for a website to load when other websites offer similar value or content. It goes without saying that your traffic will start to increase significantly once the bounce rate drops.

Good for SEO

Page speed is one of the 200 ranking variables that Google has publicly acknowledged as the basis for choosing which pages to display in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Therefore, using our free website page size checker tool may enhance your search engine optimization (SEO).

Your website will start loading more quickly if you optimize the size and weight of your pages. hence growing your page. In the end, your website will rank higher than those whose page sizes are large and have slow page load speed.

How to use Page Size Checker?

Checking your webpage’s size on SEOtoolsaudit takes about fifteen seconds and has a simple procedure. Here is how to check your page size.

  1. Copy the URL of the target webpage you want to check and Open the Seotoolsaudit Page Size Checker.
  2. Navigate the page size checker by scrolling down or searching for it. 
  3. Paste the URL of the target URL in the space provided
  4. Click on submit

After doing the reCAPTCHA test, you will get the result in seconds. The result will show the page’s size in bytes and kilobytes. You can then do further consultation to determine if the size affects the web page’s loading time.


There are many ways to optimize your website or page, and one of the things to focus on is customer satisfaction. Users get discouraged when your page loads slower than expected. Check your page’s size, estimate load time, and look for suitable solutions.


How is Page Size important to SEO?

Regarding SEO, page size is important because it affects how quickly consumers can get information from your site. Your users will need more time to download all the files (pictures, videos, etc.) the larger the files. 

How does the page size checker measure size?

Our page size checker gives the size result in bytes and kilobytes. This is because the size of a page can be relatively small if no files are attached.

How does page size affect performance?

The amount of frames is the same as the memory size divided by the page size. As a result, there are fewer frames accessible as pages grow larger. Due to the restricted replacement options, having fewer frames will result in more page faults. These can increase the page’s load time also. 

When are large page sizes used?

For programs and data with a low locality of reference, a big page size should be chosen as it minimizes the number of table entries and the level of external fragmentation. So, except to cut down the number of visitors on your website, ensure your page size is not above standard.

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