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The Get Source Code of Webpage will help you fetch the source code of any website page. Simply enter the webpage URL below in the box and click the "Get Source Code" button.

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About Get Source Code of Webpage

Sometimes you might want to check the source of a website page, especially when you need a specific website page source. Even though you can check it through your browser, some pages do not allow this, implying that you need an external tool to check the source code without worries. 

Website owners and marketers who want to access the source code will want to go into and verify the source code to see how the features of a given URL are displayed. With the right tool, you can easily get the source code of any webpage.

What is Get Souce Code of  Webpage About?

The get-source-code tool helps you know any website's HTML code, regardless of whether it is yours. This tool comes in handy when you want to check the code of your competition’s webpage.

Competitiveness in the internet world keeps growing stronger. Many websites are being uploaded and put online at every hour on the hour. And since the code is the foundation of a website, it is vital to constantly improve and update it.

There could be various reasons for looking at your website source code; for example, if you can’t figure out why your competitor’s website still ranks higher despite all the analytical tests and checks.

You could strive to outrank them by keeping your website updated and improving it. It is wise to update your website; your competition’s understanding and methods will be useful now. 

You will need HTML knowledge or an online HTML code viewer. The website page snooper helps you get the code you can implement to improve your website.

Benefits and Features

Here are reasons to consider checking your and your competition’s website code source:

Helps review the website to make appropriate changes

If you know HTML, you can use page snooper to identify the flaws in your website's source code. If you are the webmaster and have administrator permissions, you can make the necessary adjustments to the source code before uploading it. Following that, you may observe the effect.

You can receive ideas for improving the performance of your website after snooping and viewing a competitor's page source online. However, you must be aware of how you can make those modifications.

Never make changes across the entire website; instead, make progressive changes. Change, Test, Change, Test, and so on is the Golden Rule.

It helps to know the website structure

You can learn how a webpage is built by checking the source code. This allows you to examine the layout, organization, and underlying technologies, such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Security check

Inspecting the source code helps security specialists identify potential weaknesses and flaws in the website's implementation. This allows for the implementation of preventative measures, which improves the overall security posture of the website.

How to use Get Source Code of Webpage?

To read the source code of a website, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to and Navigate to "Get Source code of webpage".
  • Now enter the website's URL (with https://) and click on Get source code.
  • To copy code, select all and press CTRL + C.

You can also try a new URL afterward.


Suppose you are a digital marketer, website owner, or SEO professional. In that case, you can use this application to read the source code without installing anything on your computer or device. Since it is an online solution, you can access it anytime and from any location.

It works anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the internet. Furthermore, there is no need to pay to use our Source Code Viewer—it is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting the source code of a webpage invade the webmaster’s privacy?

Since the information can be gotten almost anywhere, it does not always mean an intrusion of privacy. However, the government may appoint groups to snoop on websites and monitor their actions. This might put a halt to the bad press. Similarly, people want to maintain their online anonymity.

Is it safe to use the source code viewer to get the source code of the webpage?

Yes. The source code viewer can only view the source code and not make changes. The tool is also safe because it stores no data from the website or page. 

How can I get the HTML source code of a web?

There are two common ways to get the HTML source code of a web. The first is to view it on a website. Open your browser, open the site or page you want to check, navigate to the menu, click view, then developer/view source.

To avoid going through this process, you can use our source code viewer tool. Copy and paste the page link in the box provided and get the source code.

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