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About Link Analyzer

As a website owner looking for good ranking and optimization through links, you might get lost in the sea of hyperlinks, not knowing which is useful or not. It can be overwhelming to decide what is best for your page. Not to worry, the link analyzer tool will save the day.

The link analyzer tool will analyze each link and give you useful information to decide which ones to click and which to skip. Why do the work of sorting through countless pages of pointless text when the link analyzer application can do it for you? 

What is Link Analyzer Tool?

Link analysis in SEO is about reviewing the links on other websites pointing to your website. These backlinks are essential for increasing your SEO and attracting visitors.

Link analysis can be used to examine your website carefully and audit the links pointing to it. You can keep track of all the links on your website using the Link Analyzer Tool. This tool can examine your site's internal and external links.

The tool will look for links in its links database that lead to your website. Then, you'll be able to identify your issue areas. To indicate that you disagree with the links, you can also disavow them using Google's disavow tool.

Benefits and Features of Link Analyzer Tool

Here are some features the link analyzer tool will show you.

  • The number of links on your webpage
  • The total number of internal links
  • The total number of external links
  • The total number of NoFollow links.
  • Whether the internal links are NoFollow or DoFollow
  • Whether the external links are NoFollow or Dofollow

Benefits of link analyzer tools

  • Provide Links Details of a Website: One of the most helpful tools for many website owners and webmasters is the website link checker because it can give information on both the incoming and outbound links of a specific website. You may quickly analyze your website's links based on the results and compare them to the amount of inbound and outbound links on your rivals' websites.
  • Recognize Toxic Links: Having your web pages free of broken links and other issues is always important because this will help you rank better on search engine result pages. You can use the link analyzer to see whether any links on your website are broken or otherwise problematic.
    The result will be in the form of a table displaying your website's internal and external links. You can use the link analyzer tool to find out if your website has any hidden or spam links by entering your website's URL. 
  • Give Link Insights: The quantity and quality of incoming links significantly impact a website's search engine ranking. You must watch the competition, get your website ready for optimization, and increase traffic by looking at your rivals' link-building strategies.

This link analyzer tool will be very helpful in giving you a better and more trustworthy backlink analysis report for your website.

It will also display the websites that are bringing visitors or backlinks. You may use our website link checker tool to concentrate on your key web pages and then strengthen the other links to increase the visibility of those pages in search engines like Google.

How to Use the Link Analyzer Tool?

SEOtoolsaudit created this free website link checker to aid website owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists in examining the links on a website. The process is so straightforward that beginners can use it.

  1. Copy the URL of the page you want to analyze
  2. Open the tool on the website
  3. Paste the link in the textbox provided
  4. Submit the link (after checking the reCAPTCHA box)

You will be provided with a full analysis of the links on your website. 


Link analysis is essential to your optimization journey because it gives essential feedback from your webpage's various backlinks. Without this analysis, you might end up with a list of dead links jeopardizing your ranking chances despite your excellent content. Use a link analysis tool today to improve your SEO.


What is the role of link analysis in web searching?

We can determine the quality of online pages through web link analysis. Let us consider two websites, A and B. The fundamental idea of link analysis is that if page A provides a hyperlink to page B, page B will be taken to be recommended by page A.

Does the link analyzer tool help SEO ranking?

Yes. Link analysis gives you enough insight to know the suitable links for good SEO ranking. 

What are the characteristics of the Link Analyzer Tool?

The link analyzer tool focuses on the links and interconnections in a dataset. Using this tool, you may determine centrality metrics like degree, betweenness, proximity, and eigenvector and visualize the relationships on a link chart or link map.

Why should I consider link analysis?

Link analysis allows you to find behavior patterns that might point to questionable conduct. It can be used, for instance, to recognize patterns of activity that point to phishing or another sort of cyberattack or to find linkages between malicious domains or IP addresses.

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