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About Link Price Calculator

The more backlinks your website gets, the more the stress of calculating the value of the backlinks manually. You can now say goodbye to the stress of manual link calculation by welcoming the use of an easier and more accurate method.

A link price calculator will provide you with a precise backlink cost in only a few clicks, empowering you to decide your website's SEO strategy. Here are important things to know about a link price calculator and its functions.  

What is a Link Price Calculator?

The link price calculator is a tool that accurately estimates the worth of your links. You can simply see profits per tier and choose which tier(s) to promote, thanks to the tool's ability to display each level of the link and instantly compute its cost.

Website owners and advertisers will find this price calculator to be a very helpful resource. If you want to determine how much you would be charged or receive each month for a certain link, you must use this tool.

The SEOtoolsaudit- Link Price Calculator uses a special algorithm to assess a website's reputation based on factors like ranking, age, backlinks, and more.

This Link Price Calculator estimates the monthly fee you should charge for a specific URL or text link if you own a website. On the other hand, this tool might assist you in calculating how much you will pay for text link ads if you decide to optimize and then market them on your website.

Benefits and features of Link Price Calculator

Here are some benefits of using a link price calculator

Better Conversions

Link Price calculators boost conversions by encouraging interaction and rapidly and simply presenting pricing information. The most important element of information that could persuade a customer to purchase from you when they land on your website is reasonable pricing.

Good Pricing

With the use of link price calculators, business owners can easily and quickly estimate the cost of links on their websites, making it easier to state the price when discussing sponsorship and advertising deals.

Also, businesses can negotiate more skillfully with website owners and other advertisers if they are clear on the worth of a link.

Better Targeting

Businesses can more easily identify websites that are relevant to their target audience by employing a tool that considers a website's relevance to the link's topic. This way, they know the best websites to meet for backlinking and pay for advertisement. 

Accurate estimation

Businesses can receive a more accurate estimation of the worth of a link by using a tool that considers a variety of criteria, such as traffic, Domain Authority, and relevancy, helping to guarantee that they are paying a fair price.

Businesses can also plan their online advertising efforts more successfully by having a firm idea of the cost of links. So, they can calculate and make an appropriate budget on the amount they will spend on or gain from backlinking even before they backlink. 

Better Page Ranking

The majority of well-known websites make money by charging other websites to link to them. Websites owners should invest in backlinks to raise their page rating on search engines like Google.

One of the best ways to get your website discovered by search engines and gain a better page ranking is by employing backlinks to an authoritative or well-known page domain.

How to use the Link Price Calculator tool?

Checking your backlinks' price is easier with SEOtoolsaudit’s Link price calculator. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Copy the links of the websites or pages you want to calculate. 
  2. Note that you can check up to 100 links at once; you just have to paste each URL on separate lines.
  3. Do the reCAPTCHA check and submit the links.

Each link result will appear in a tabular form, and you will know how much each backlink costs.


The perfect SEO tool you can use to assess the cost of a certain URL is this link price calculator from SEOtoolsaudit.


Why do I require a Link Price Calculator?

Websites need to know the anticipated worth of the link they are buying or selling when they buy or sell it. They can estimate the value using a link price calculator based on variables including the linked website's page rank, domain authority, and traffic.

How much will a business pay for an SEO backlink?

The backlink price will depend on different factors, including content, final goal, DR, industry, etc. But the average price to pay for quality backlinks costs between $300 to $600. 

Does Google allow buying backlinks?

It is against Google's Webmaster Guidelines to purchase backlinks. If you get detected, you'll receive a Google penalty. The Google penalty will be to destroy your search engine rankings and make your webpage and content irrelevant. 

How much should I charge for a backlink on my website?

The usual link price ranges from $400 to $1500, and link quality cannot be guaranteed. Depending on the level of service and the caliber of the links, specialized link-building organizations offer a wide range of services.

But depending on the scope of your needs, budget between $3,000 and $15,000+ every month.

Website owners can make more money if more advertisements are linked to a website. And the more your page grows, the more advertisers will be willing to pay.

Use this link price checker frequently to understand the most recent link prices.

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