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Our Website Broken Links Checker scans any given domain for broken internal links and external broken links. Just enter the Website below and Click on the "Submit" Button and we will scan the entire website for Broken Links.

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About Broken Links Finder

We all have seen that sometimes we click a link, and rather than taking us to the original website, it shows a 404 error message. It vividly demonstrates that the link given is broken. There are many causes for broken links, but these are the most common.

  • The target website was deleted.
  • The target website link is down or not available.
  • The permalink of the target-linked website has been modified or changed.

Broken links defame the website as they lower the reputation of the target website. The Broken Links Finder tool is the only tool available online to find broken links for repair.

Broken Links Finder

Broken links hurt the website's ranking and usability. Moreover, tracking the website's broken links is impossible without going through each link. Broken Link Finder is the ideal solution to all such broken links problems. Just click to find out and repair them to enhance the website's ranking.

Bad for SEO

Broken links are always bad for SEO, and such links can suffocate SEO. Of course, such a question bothers webmasters, SEO experts, and website owners. Still, we should see the other side of the page, because inbound links are vital for ranking the websites.

SEO experts always prefer inbound links. In SERP, the ranking increases with backlinks. The reputable websites, if not recommending your website, Google may not rank your website higher. Google may rank the overall performance of the website, and it may harm the website.

Search Engines despise bad or dead Links

Google has deep algorithms to check broken or dead links. Google always focuses on providing quality to its users and never compromises. The latest algorithms are hidden from all, but Google ranks websites according to many factors, and outbound or inbound links are one of them. If there are many broken links, Google will lower the website's rank, resulting in less revenue.

User Experience and Dead Links

When a user goes through a website and wants to access the information he is looking for but cannot access the information needed because of the broken or dead links, he drifts away from the parent website. 404-page error is annoying, and the user gets irritated. To obtain information, they move to other sites. So, it is better to fix the broken links to provide a better user experience.

Fix Site's Broken Links with Broken Links Finder

The broken links repairing is a must to increase the website's ranking. However, to fix broken links, you have to find broken links first. Broken Link Finder will assist website owners in finding out the broken links in a matter of seconds to start repairing or fixing such broken links.

How to Use Broken Links Finder to Outrank Competitors?

All the users need to follow these simple steps to know the broken links of their provided links:

  1. Visit the website SEOtoolsaudit and search for the Broken Link Finder tool or click here:
  2. Write the page URL in the text box.
  3. Click the "Submit" button.


You will get a screen with the results of all links.

Note: This tool only works to search broken links, not repair or fix them. You have to fix them on your own or use other tools.


Are broken links bad for SEO?

Broken links are not a good choice for webmasters, SEO experts, and owners because they can suffocate the SEO of the website and can bother owners.

What are the common causes of broken links?

There can be many causes of broken links, such as:

  1. The website link is not available.
  2. The required website may be removed.
  3. The permalink of the target-linked website has been modified or changed.

How can I use Broken Link Finder?

  1. Open and search for the Broken Tools Finder tool in the search bar.
  2. Enter the website URL in the URL Box of whose broken links you want to scan for.
  3. Click the "Submit" button.

The URL will be scanned for Broken links, and you will receive the list in a tabular form.

Can I cheat Google Algorithms?

None can cheat Google Algorithm because of its strength and hidden privacies. Moreover, Google always tries its best to provide quality to users. So, broken links cannot trick Google because Google's algorithm automatically detects broken links.

Do Broken Links Harm the Website?

The survey has unveiled the secret that on broken links, 35% of users refresh the page, but 65% of users leave the broken link page and get the required information from other links or search engines.

Can I scan the entire website?

Yes, using our broken tools finder, you can scan for broken links on the entire website in a single go. All you need to do is enter the Website URL in the text box and click the blue "Submit" button.





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