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Use our GIF to Animated WebP converter to convert GIF images to Animated WEBP format images.


About GIF to Animated WebP

Animated GIFs have brought much fun to how we communicate online. We now make people laugh without saying a word.

However, these Animated GIF files are not very suitable for websites because they are usually large and may slow down the webpage load times. Hence, if you must use them on your website, you must convert them to WebP Format.

Good to know that the conversion is now a lot easier than ever with our Animated GIF to WebP converter. Read on to find out everything about this tool and how to use it.

What is the Animated GIF to WebP Converter?

The Animated GIF to WebP converter is a software tool that converts animated GIF files into WebP format. WebP files are an advanced image format developed by Google thirteen years ago and offers better compression than other formats like GIF, PNG, and JPEG. This tool will automate the process and deliver top-quality WebP images.

Features and Benefits of the Animated GIF to WebP Tool

Here are some of the exciting features and advantages of using this animated GIF to WebP converter:

Quick and Quality Conversions

We are in the tech era where almost everything works faster and better than ever. So, it's completely absurd to wait for hours to change Animated GIFs to WebP.

We launched this fast-working tool to meet all your WebP file needs in a jiffy without compromising the quality. The tool will intelligently preserve the exact frame sequence, order, and timing when converting the GIFs.

You only wait a few seconds to compress, convert, and generate a desired outcome.

Simple Interface and Responsive Design

You may have come across some Animated GIFs to WebP converters online that are difficult to use because of confusing terms and complex processes. That's one of the advantages of the SeoToolsAudit Animated GIF to WebP tool.

This tool is user-friendly and features a simple interface that newbies can use without any hiccups. Likewise, its responsive design means you won't struggle with the links during the conversion. The tool will respond to your commands immediately when you click any option or button.

No Compatibility Issues

Our converter doesn't have compatibility problems. It is a web-based software that works effectively anytime and anywhere.

Expect a smooth experience as long as there is a good internet connection.

Still on compatibility, the converted WebP files are suitable for many purposes. You can use them for your web pages, mobile software, etc.

Vault-Level Data Security

We understand the need for data protection while using any online software and application. That's why users' privacy comes first at Seotoolsaudit. Our airtight security features and protocols protect GIFs and users' details.

We routinely clear our system to reinforce top-notch security and ensure no one tampers with your data.

Improved Performance

As mentioned earlier, WebP images load faster than Animated GIF, JPEG, and many other image formats.

They consume less data due to their small sizes. This directly speeds up site load times and improves user experience.

How to Use the GIF to Animated WebP Converter?

Here are the steps to convert Animated GIFs to WebP format with this tool:

  1. Visit the seotoolsaudit Animated GIF to Animated WebP converter service page.
  2. Click the "Choose file" button to select the GIF file you want to convert. You can choose from Dropbox, Google Drive, or the device's local file browser.
  3. Click the "Convert Now" button to start the GIF to WebP conversion process.
  4. The tool will convert the chosen GIF file to WebP format in less than 10 seconds.
  5. Click the "download the file" option once the conversion is successful.
  6. The tool will automatically save the newly converted WebP file to your device.


Converting GIFs to animated WebP images is a simple optimization practice that can boost your page's ranking. Create magical images with our tool, speed up your website's performance, and you will be glad you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Animated GIFs be converted to WebP online?

Yes, you can convert animated GIF files to WebP formats with the right web app. You can always trust our animated GIF to WebP converter for a smooth experience

Why is WebP better than Animated GIF?

WebP is a new-age image format launched by Google in 2010. It offers much better lossless and lossy compression ratios compared to GIF. WebP file sizes are smaller than GIFs despite having the same quality. This encourages faster page load times and improved SEO rankings for your website. The smaller file size also reduces bandwidth usage and hosting costs.

What is the application to convert Animated GIFs to WebP?

Seotoolsaudit offers reliable Animated GIFs to WebP service. You can use it without registration, installation, or limitations.

Is WebP supported by all browsers?

WebP is a web-friendly format suitable for web pages and apps. It is compatible with modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc. Though older browsers may struggle with animated WebP, most online browsers support it.

Is it safe to delete the original Animated GIFs after converting them to WebP?

Yes, you can delete the old GIF files after converting them successfully to WebP to create space for other things. However, we advise you to keep the GIFs back-ups until you test and confirm the WebP images on your websites.

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