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Our Long Tail Keyword Suggestion tool will help you generate hundreds of long tail keywords. The tool is a must-have for webmasters, marketers, and bloggers that wish to increase traffic from search engines, notably Google.

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About Long Tail Keyword Suggestion

Knowing your target audience's search queries is priceless because it will reveal what keywords to include in your blog posts, social media ads, and other promotional content. It also helps you decide which long-tail keywords will produce better SEO results and more sales than the others.

However, finding the right long-tail keyword people always search for can be stressful without the right tools. That's where the Long-tail Keyword Suggestion tool comes in. This tool works for everyone who wants well-optimized and quality blog posts, ads, or social media posts that Google will recommend to the users.

What Are Long-tail Keywords? 

Long-tail keywords are keywords containing four or more words. They are long keywords that people search for when looking for quality content or services that will solve their problems.

People prefer long-tail keywords to short ones because they believe they are more effective and productive.

For instance, a tourist looking for a quality restaurant in his new destination will type "best restaurants to eat in London" or "where to get a good and affordable meal in London" instead of "best restaurant."

The two long search queries are long-tail keywords, while the 'best restaurants' search is short-tail because it contains only two words. Now that you know long-tail keywords, let's talk about the tool. 

What is the Long-tail Keyword Suggestion Tool?

Long-tail Keyword Suggestion tool is a web-based tool that lists the most-used long-tail keywords that will boost your post, article, and overall web reputation on search engines.

The tool will simplify your keyword research process by suggesting long-tail keywords that the targeted audience always uses when searching for anything related to your brand's products, services, or niche.

Benefits of Long-tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

Below are the most significant benefits of using a long-tail keyword suggestion tool 

Reveals Your Audience's Problems 

The keyword Suggestion tool lets you know your audience's problems through their search queries. It will scan through different search engines and create a comprehensive list of the most-searched keywords or problems your audience wants to solve. 

Inspires Problem-solving Content 

The suggested keywords reveal the audience's problems, thereby letting you create top-quality content that will provide long-lasting solutions to people's issues. 

Enhances Content Ideation 

Content ideation is an important process you can't overlook while creating blog posts or other content. 

Luckily, this tool will let you know what subheadings or points to include in your content via the suggested keywords. 

Boosts Blog's Search Engine Ranking and Traffic 

This Keyword Suggestion tool will recommend the right Long-tail keywords to include in your posts. Your content's ranking on SERPs will experience a massive boost if you place the keywords in the right spot.

And of course, a highly-ranked web page will increase the blog's traffic, page views, and revenue in the long run. 

Features of Seotoolsaudit Long-tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

Here are some amazing features of this tool

User-friendly Interface

Our tools are known for their user-friendly interface, and this one isn't different from the rest. Its drop-down menus encourage seamless usability, allowing users to select their desired options without stress. 

Fast Service Delivery

This tool guarantees fast service delivery when you have active mobile data and a strong internet connection.

With this feature, you will get at least 320 long-tail keywords in less than five seconds, depending on the people's search volume. 

Supports Over 20 Search Engines and Platforms

Interestingly, this tool suggests keywords from over 20 search engines and platforms, including YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It also works well with Amazon, Yandex, Twitter, and eBay. 

Keywords Length and Word Counts

The tool will reveal the keyword's characters and word counts. You will know the number of words and characters in each keyword. 

CSV Export Enablement

This feature allows users to save the suggested keywords results on their devices. It will extract the result pages and convert them to documents you can download without hiccups.

How to Use the Long-tail Keywords Suggestion Tool?

Follow these steps to use our Long-tail keywords suggestion tool

  1. Visit our website and Choose the Long-tail keywords suggestion service.
  2. Provide the primary long-tail keyword you want to Rank for on search engines. For instance, 'How to make money online'
  3. Select the Search Engine you want from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your preferred location (targeted country) from the drop-down options.
  5. Pick your favorite language from the options available.
  6. Set your prefix and suffix types from the drop-down options.
  7. Click the 'start' button, and the tool will provide the result pages.

Click the "Export as CSV" button to download the result pages as docs files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the long-tail keyword suggestion tool?

Long-tail Keyword suggestion tool will help you know and satisfy people's search intent. It improves your web's rankings, content ideation, and content values. 

Can a long-tail keyword suggestion tool improve my website's search rankings?

Yes, a Long-tail keyword suggestion tool can improve your web's search rankings if you use the suggested keywords accurately and create quality content. Use some suggested keywords as subtopics in the H2 or H3 tag, while others should appear in the FAQ sections of the post.

Is a long-tail keyword suggestion tool suitable for all types of businesses?

The keyword suggestion tool is most suitable for businesses with a digital or online presence. Keywords are only useful online, although they might eventually convert your online audience to offline customers. Hence, you must have a business website or official business account across all social media platforms.

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