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Every website owner knows that search engines like Google favor secure sites. Hence, an SSL Checker becomes crucial in ensuring your website's security. This tool assesses your SSL certificate, which is vital for encrypting data and building trust with visitors.


If you want to get the best out of this tool, continue reading this guide to learn about the features, benefits, and how to use the tool.

What is an SSL Checker?

The SSL Checker is an online tool that helps you verify if the SSL certificate on your website is correctly installed and configured. It ensures that the essential security protocols are in place to protect the sensitive information of individuals who visit your site. 

Features and Benefits of the SSL Checker

Here are the features and benefits of the SSL Checker:

Ensures Certificate Validity

The SSL Checker ensures that your SSL certificate is valid. It provides the necessary assurance that your website is secured by an authentic certificate.

Monitors Expiry Dates

Keeping track of SSL certificate expiry dates is crucial for maintaining a secure website. This tool monitors and alerts you about upcoming expiry dates, allowing you to renew certificates promptly.

Identifies Cipher Suite Strength

Cipher suites determine the strength of the encryption used by your SSL certificate. The SSL Checker identifies the cipher suite strength, ensuring that your website's encryption meets the required security standards.

Verifies Hostname Accuracy

The SSL Checker verifies that the hostname matches the information on the SSL certificate, preventing security vulnerabilities.

Assesses Chain of Trust

SSL certificates operate within a chain of trust, where each certificate is validated by the one above it. This tool assesses the chain of trust, ensuring that all certificates in the chain are valid and secure.

Evaluates Protocol Support

The SSL Checker evaluates the support for different protocols, ensuring that your website is compatible with the latest and most secure SSL/TLS protocols.

Free & Safe to Use

One of the significant advantages of the SSL Checker is that it is both free and safe to use. You can regularly check the status of your SSL certificate without incurring any costs.

How to Use the SSL Checker

Follow this guide to use the SSL Checker:

  • Visit the SSL Checker tool page on SEOtoolsaudit.

  • Enter your website's URL.

  • Solve the Captcha

  • Click the "Submit" button.

  • Review the results to ensure that your SSL certificate is correctly configured.


Can I use the SSL Checker for any website?

Yes, you can use the SSL Checker for any website. Simply enter the URL, and the tool will provide information about the SSL certificate's status and configuration.

Does the SSL Checker require registration?

No, the SSL Checker does not require any registration. You can use the tool freely and without the need for a user account.

Is SSL Checker Compatible with all SSL certificates?

Yes, the SSL Checker is designed to work with all types of SSL certificates, regardless of the certificate authority or type of certificate you have installed.


The SSL Checker is an excellent tool for ensuring the proper configuration and security of your SSL certificate. This tool is essential for maintaining a safe online environment because it monitors certificate validity, assesses encryption strength, and verifies essential details. Also, regularly using the SSL Checker ensures that your website's security measures are up to date and provides peace of mind for both you and the visitors to your site.






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