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About Article Scraper

What is an article scraper, and how does it work? What are the benefits of an article scraper? These are some most frequently asked questions about this AI-powered tool.

This page discusses everything about the Article Scraper, including its importance, features, and why you should choose the SeoToolsaudit Article Scraper.

Let's dive in…

What's an Article Scraper? 

An article scraper is a tool that provides users with multiple articles by extracting useful information from different existing sources on the internet.

How Does an Article Scraper Work?

You will provide keywords or topics related to the article you intend to write about. Then, the tool will explore its scraping technique to access multiple web pages containing the keyword.

In a few seconds, it will search for credible information from different websites and show them in the output boxes.

Use our Article Scraper if you desire a seamless and fast article-writing experience. The tool is in a class of its own as it guarantees unique, error-free, and interesting articles from authoritative websites and blogs.

Also, it may interest you that the tool can display multiple articles with little to no supervision from users.

Benefits and Features

Easy Content Creation Experience 

Writing high-quality articles isn't always easy. Researching, outlining, developing the points, editing, and formatting take time, energy, and sometimes money.

Thankfully, you don't need all these processes to create a quality and resourceful article once you know how to use our tool.

You only need to provide the topics (or keywords) and the tool will generate different readable and well-optimized articles.

Obtain Credible Information for Your Article 

This tool isn't only good at delivering a convenient writing experience; it can serve as a fast and responsive research tool. It will scan the internet, seeking articles that cover everything related to your topics or keywords.

It will scrape over 10 or 20 credible and relevant sources you can use for your content. Meanwhile, the final number of suggested sources solely depends on your settings. 

Generate Error-free and Unique Articles 

Google and other search engines frown at plagiarized articles and content filled with grammatical errors. It's very difficult or even impossible to find such articles in the top spots on search engines.

Hence, if you are not skillful or have little time to develop unique, error-free content, our article scraper is your go-to.

Even though the articles will be extracted from different pre-existing ones, the tool will make them unique and free of blunders.

Time-saving and Beginner-friendly

Even if you're a new content writer who doesn't know how to create quality content that will do just fine in your chosen niche, you can generate impressive articles without the sweat of your brows using our article scraper.

Likewise, the tool is designed to help you save time. The tool has been proven to scan over 20 sources in less than 10 seconds.

That's not all; the "export" feature means you can easily convert any article into a document file and save it on your device's file folder for future use.

How to Use the Article Scraper Tool?

  1. Visit our Article Scraper page
  2. Enter your preferred keyword or phrase in the available space. 
  3. Select the number of articles you want the tool to explore while creating your content. Note that the options in the drop-down menu range from 10 to 20. 
  4. Click the "scrape" button and wait for a few seconds. At least three different articles will appear on your screen. 
  5. Read the generated articles to know which one is best for your needs.
  6. Click "Export" to save the best article to your document folder. 

Alternatively, click the "select all" button to highlight and copy to the clipboard.


Why would you move from one website to another seeking credible sources for your article or school project when you can get over four or five reliable sources at a go without stress?

Research is easy, fast, and exciting when you use our article scraper. Try it and see what you've been missing all this while.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use an article scraper for?

Article scraper primarily serves as a content aggregator that provides multiple reliable articles that extensively discuss a specific keyword or topic. Likewise, you can use it for data analysis and research since it helps you gather large amounts of important details from multiple sources. 

Are Article Scrapers Legal?

Article Scrapers are legal tools you can explore without any penalty. Choose a reputable platform, and don't violate any website's privacy policy while using them. 

What are the Popular Article Scraping Tools?

Several popular article-scraping tools are available in the market, including Seotoolsaudit, Selenium, Octoparse, BeautifulSoup, etc. SeoToolsaudit offers free but top-notch article scraping services everyone can explore for their projects.

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