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Use our free Average Calculator tool to calculate the average of a group of numbers in the form of average value, sum of value and average count.

About Average Calculator

Calculating averages has become an essential task in today's stat-driven world. However, performing these calculations yourself can be tedious and challenging if you have a large dataset.

That's why average calculators have become an essential asset because they provide quick and easy ways to find the average of any dataset.

What is an Average Calculator?

An average calculator is a tool designed to find the average score of a set of numbers via automated methods. It instantly calculates the mean of datasets like test scores, research data, survey responses, and financial figures.

Features and Benefits

Here are the benefits of using an average calculator:

  • Accuracy: Manual calculations aren't the best way to find the average number, especially when dealing with fractions.

    This tool will eliminate the risk of mistakes with manual calculations, ensuring more reliable results.
  • Time-Saving: Apart from its 100% accuracy, average calculators are known for instant results. It will quickly sum up the figures, divide them, and find the average in seconds. This is way faster than manual calculations.
  • Useful for Educational Purpose: Students, teachers, and researchers can use this tool to analyze cumulative grades, scores, and experimental data efficiently. As a student, this tool will be helpful if you deal with maths and statistics.
  • Monitor Your Business Growth: As an entrepreneur, use this tool to evaluate financial data, sales figures, and customer feedback. Monitor your company's average monthly sales and decide what you can do to boost the numbers in the future.
  • Fifty Values Permitted: The SEOToolsAudit average calculator permits fifty values, which means you can calculate an average of 50 numbers. Therefore, you need not worry even if you have a long list of numbers; our tool can sort everything if they are within the limit.
  • The Sum of Values: Apart from finding the average score, you can use this tool to add your numbers. The "Sum of value" feature contains the sum of all the numbers you provide.
  • Our average calculator features a fast and user-friendly interface that allows you to process experimental data and draw meaningful conclusions without paying a dime.

How to Use the Average Calculator Tool?

Our average calculator is one of the most easy-to-use utility tools online. All you have to do is:

  1. Type or paste your numbers into the value boxes.
  2. Click "Add Course" to add more value boxes as needed.
  3. Click "Calculate" to continue.
  4. Scroll down for the accurate answers.


An average calculator is an indispensable tool for anyone working with statistics or data analysis. It provides quick, accurate averages that help you gain meaningful insights.


Why are averages important?

Averages are a significant and fundamental aspect of any given data or stat because they summarize all the values in a group or database.

You can easily compare different groups of numbers if you know the average score. It also gives room for easy estimation and analysis.

How to get the average of two numbers?

It is easy to get the average of two numbers with an online average calculator. Provide the two numbers in the designated box and click continue. The answer will appear immediately on the screen. However, as for manual calculations, you will add both numbers and divide by two.

Mathematically, Average = Sum/Count. For instance, let's assume the two numbers are 20 and 10.

To find the average, it will be 20+10 = 30/2 = 15. Therefore, average =15 ( as shown by our calculator in the image below)

What is the quickest way to calculate the average?

The quickest way to find the average is through a well-built average calculator that will provide the right figure as soon as possible. While a manual calculating method is a good option, it's nowhere near the fast and reliable automated process.

What are the different types of average?

We have three main types of averages, including the mean, median, and mode.

  1. The mean is the sum of the total values in a dataset divided by the count.
  2. The median is the value in the middle of the group of numbers,
  3. while the mode is the number that appears most in the group.

How many values can I calculate with an average calculator?

An online average calculator can handle values from 10 to 50, depending on the tool's capacity. SEOToolsAudit Average calculator permits fifty values at once.
Meanwhile, some advanced calculators support thousands of values.

Are average calculators safe to use with sensitive data?

Many average calculators are safe. Nonetheless, use a calculator from a reputable provider that does not store your data if you are dealing with sensitive information.

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