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About Website Value Calculator

Do you want to buy or sell a website but don't know how much it is worth? Our website value calculator is here to help. 

Whether you are a buyer or seller,  this tool will determine the true financial worth of your website. How does it work, and how can you use it? Let's find out. 

What is a Website Value Calculator?

A website value calculator is a tool that analyzes a website's features before determining its estimated financial worth. It helps you know the financial cost of your website based on its contents, age, and other features. 

Benefit and Features 

Here are the features of this tool and what you get by using it.

Discover a Website's Estimated Worth 

You've put much more effort into your blog than selling it at a giveaway price. This tool will prevent guesswork while determining your website's worth. It provides a perfect clue on how much to sell your website without being short-changed.

Similarly, it lets you know what to pay for a website you intend to buy. With this website value calculator tool, you won't pay more than the normal amount. 

Discover Your Site's Alexa Ranking 

Apart from providing your blog's estimated worth, this tool also reveals your web's ranking on Alexa.

What is Alexa ranking? It is a global ranking system that ranks websites according to their popularity.

It considers a website's average daily unique visitors and pageviews over the last three months before deciding its position on the log.

Therefore, it's safe to say that this tool predicts how much fame the website will bring to your brand and business. 

Estimated Daily Visitors

You can't spend much money on a website without confirming its traffic, which is an integral part of a profitable website.

Traffic means website visitors or the number of people visiting your site through organic ads, paid ads, or backlinks.

Luckily, this feature will provide an estimated number of people viewing your website daily. This stat will influence your decision whether to purchase a website or find another one with better numbers. 

Estimated Daily Pageviews

Don't just assume that high daily visitors will produce many page views; things don't operate that way.

Discover the estimated number of pages the web's visitors open daily via this feature. It will also let you know if people love the web's content and articles. 


Blogging is about sharing valuable content with your audience, gaining online popularity and influence, and making money.

Hence, you must check the website's monthly revenue to predict how much you stand to make monthly.

Interestingly, this feature of the tool discloses a possible revenue to generate at the end of every month. 

Primary Country

Here's the part that reveals the website's primary country. Though it might not have a massive influence on the web's growth and revenue, the country remains an integral part of a web page.

Hence, this feature will allow you to decide if the country or language won't be a barrier to your business growth in the future. 


The feature reveals a short tag that briefly explains everything about the website. You will easily detect its niche and target audience via this section. 

How to Use the Seotoolsaudit Website Value Calculator?

  1. Visit the Seotoolsaudit website value calculator page.
  2. Type the website's URL into the small rectangular box on the screen.
  3. Click on the "submit" option and wait for a few seconds. 

The results will appear on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Does Website Value Calculator Work?

Website value calculator tools deploy algorithms and data analysis techniques to provide an estimated monetary value of your website. It will consider crucial factors like Alexa ranking, monthly revenue, traffic, page views, social media visibility, and SEO metrics while giving an estimated figure. 

Are Website Value Calculator Tools Accurate?

Website value calculator tools provide an estimated value based on the website's data and attributes. However, some website value calculator tools provide false figures that don't reflect the website's worth.

Hence, use a reliable option like the Seotoolsaudit website value calculator that will produce a near-perfect result. 

What's the Best Website Value Calculator?

There are top website value calculator tools you can trust for impressive and reliable information. Our tool remains one of the best options for your website due to its credibility and high usability. Try it out and see for yourself. 

Are website value calculator tools needed for buying or selling websites?

They are useful when buying and selling websites as they help buyers and sellers know the best price a website is worth. This tool ensures both parties have a common ground to evaluate the website's value, performance, and features before proceeding with the transaction.

Meanwhile, don't limit yourself to the tool's estimates. Get more information about the web's niche, current market value, and other factors before you sell or buy your site. 

What's the Most Accurate Free Website Value Calculator Tool? 

Many website value calculator tools offer free services, although some are unreliable and inaccurate.

Nonetheless, there are still a few free service providers with a highly-rated reputation. We pride ourselves as one of the best free website value calculator providers globally.

We program our tool to run a thorough check and proper analysis before providing an outcome you can trust.

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