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About Bulk Domain Age Checker

Bulk Domain Age Checker Tool


A domain is the foundation of every website's online presence and significance. It influences ranking, traffic, and overall performance. So, you need a top-level domain for your business. 


Since Domain age can make or break your online credibility, you need the Bulk Domain Age Checker tool to verify the age of multiple domains before purchasing one for your business. This article discusses everything about the tool, including features, benefits, and how to use it. 

What is the Bulk Domain Age Checker Tool?

A domain age checker is an online tool that lets you check important details about a domain's age and registration history. Rather than guessing, input the URL, and it will display the precise date and length of time the website has been active.


Features and Benefits of Bulk Domain Age Checker 

Below are the features and benefits of using the Bulk Domain Age Checker:

User-Friendly Interface

Seotoolsaudit Bulk Domain Age Checker has an intuitive interface that promotes seamless usability. Its simplicity makes it a perfect option for everyone, regardless of profession or expertise. You don't need specialized technical skills to get the best results from the tool.

Detailed Domain Age Information

Many online tools show domain age and registration date only, but this Bulk Domain Age Checker provides comprehensive details. It reveals the exact domain creation date, age, and expiration dates, which are helpful for a well-rounded evaluation.

Bulk Checking Capabilities

As the name implies, this Domain-checking tool supports multiple checks simultaneously. You can check up to ten domains at a go.

Fast and Easy Domain Comparisons 

Its bulk-checking abilities make it perfect for comparing domains during the purchase process. You can compare ten websites in less than a minute before choosing the best option. Similarly, it lets you check and analyze all competitors' domains without stress or interruption. 

Privacy and Security 

User's privacy and security come first at Seotoolsaudit. Hence, this Bulk Domain Age Checker tool functions without demanding confidential information or details. Likewise, all activity logs are deleted immediately from the server for better security. 


How to Use the Bulk Domain Age Checker

Using the Bulk Domain Age Checker is straightforward. Just follow the steps below:


  • Go to the Bulk Domain Age Checker page on the Seotoolsaudit website.


  • Enter the targeted domain(s): The URLs shouldn't be more than 10.


  • Click "Submit" to start the process. 


  • The domain age, registration dates, and other information will appear on your screen in a few seconds. 



Is this Bulk Domain Age Checker safe? 

Our Bulk Domain Age Checker tool is safe for all users as it doesn't require any account creation or log in details. The tool also won't save your browsing history and activities for any reason. 

Which is the best domain age checker tool? 

Seotoolsaudit is one of the best domain age checkers as it offers premium standard services at no cost. It's safe, fast, and easy to use. Its user-friendly interface makes it conducive for all works of life. Whether you are a blogger, student, or digital marketer, you can explore this tool without glitches. 

Can a Bulk Domain Age Checker check expired domains?

Yes, our Bulk Domain Age Checker can check expired domains. It will attempt to pull historical data when you enter an inactive URL. However, the result will show "unavailable" since expired domains are inaccessible. 

Does domain age affect SEO?

Yes, domain age can positively influence search engine rankings and authority. 

Semrush revealed that old domains have many backlinks, boosting their position on Google result pages. 



Domain age influences the web's search rankings and overall performance. So, don't purchase a new domain without verifying the age and expiry date. Use our quality domain age checker tool to uncover these all-important details and boost your brand's online influence and visibility. 











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