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Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool


Identifying your website visitors' geographical locations is crucial for online businesses and services in today's digital landscape. This allows you to understand visitor demographics, customize content, target ads, and optimize your website for key locations.


Hence, you need the Seotoolsaudit Bulk Geo IP Locator tool that provides insightful data about countries, regions, and cities simply by entering an IP address. This post discusses what a Geo IP Locator is, its key benefits, and how to use it. 


What is a Bulk Geo IP Locator?

A Geo IP locator is an SEO tool that analyzes and reveals the geographic location of your web visitors based on their IP addresses. It deploys Smart IP lookup technology to identify visitors' accurate regions and cities.


Benefits and Features of Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool 


Below are the features and benefits you will derive from using the Bulk Geo IP Locator tool:

100% Accuracy 

Our Bulk Geo IP Locator tool delivers industry-leading accuracy. It was tested from different locations and produced the right results. Its top-level precision makes it one of the most reliable online Geo IP Locator tools you can trust for your business. 

Extensive Reports 

This tool is more than just pinpointing locations; it also provides localized ISP, country code and flag, longitude, latitude, and other relevant details. 


Generate all-inclusive and detailed reports with this Bulk Geo IP Locator tool instead of relying on narrow and unconvincing location data. 

Fast and Bulk Checking 

Imagine how long it would take to check 100 IP addresses manually. Apart from consuming much time, it is very demanding. 


Thankfully, no need to stress over manual searches as you can perform bulk checking by entering up to 20 IPs at once.

Privacy and Security

User data security is paramount to us at Seotoolsaudit. Therefore, the tool is designed to instantly delete all queries and logs after you leave the page to prevent breaches.

Easy Exports 

This tool lets you download full CSV reports for further analysis. With this feature, you can always refer to the results without running a new check. 


How to Use the Geo IP Locator

Using the Seotoolsaudit Bulk Geo IP Locator is simple. It takes less than a minute if you follow the instructions below:


  • Go to the Bulk Geo IP Locator tool page. 


  • Paste or type 20 IP addresses in the input field. 


  • Click "Submit" to start the process. 


  • The locator will display the IP details, including country, city, ISP, country code, etc.


  • Click "Export as CSV" to download the full results. 



What details does the Bulk Geo IP Locator provide?

This Bulk Geo IP Locator tool provides information like ISP, country code, city, flag, and longitude. 

Why is the Bulk Geo IP Locator important?

Bulk Geo IP Locator is important because it helps you determine the specific locations of your website users. It also provides insights into where and how people react to your website pages and business. Additionally, it is also useful for customization, advertisements, and analytics purposes. 

How many IP addresses can I check with the Bulk Geo IP Locator Tool?

Our Geo IP Locator offers free unlimited searches. It allows you to perform as many IP lookups as you need. However, it supports only 20 IP addresses at a go. 

Is Bulk Geo IP Locator Safe?


Our Geo IP Locator tool is safe and secure. All activity logs and data are erased after each session. 


Our Bulk Geo IP Locator is a must-have tool for those who want accurate, safe, and fast service for their business pages. It provides unmatched accuracy, security, and free detailed location data to optimize your online business and marketing efforts. 












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