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Use our free Currency Converter to convert one currency to another in realtime. Select your currency from "Currency i have" and the desired currency from "Currency i want" and Enter the amount required to convert.

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1 USA Dollars equals
83.54 Indian Rupees
1 USA Dollars = 83.54 Indian Rupees

Currency rate will be changed over a specified time period!

About Currency Converter

Are you tired of struggling with currency conversions? Do you want to know if your local currency will be enough for your trip to any country you wish to visit? Don't worry, our Currency Converter is here to lift the burdens off your shoulder.

What is a Currency Converter?

A Currency Converter is a easy-to-use tool that gives you real-time value of your local currency compared to other foreign currencies. Whether you want to pay a tuition fee in a foreign country, shop online, or request an invoice from a foreign client, this tool will help you with the current exchange rates.

Features and Benefits

Here are some benefits you would enjoy while using our free online currency-converting tool:

Real-Time Conversion

Our Currency Converter features a real-time operating system that guarantees a quick conversion process. You will get the accurate figures once you type the numbers in the available spaces.

Accurate and Up-to-date Rates

The data provided by the online tool is reliable and accurate because it has direct access to real-time FX rates. We constantly upgrade the tool for more accurate results. We ensure it uses up-to-date rates to avoid misleading users.

Convenient and Cost-efficient

Save your time and energy by exploring the tool's user-friendly interface and reliable data. With this currency converter, you will know how your local currency will fare when exchanged with other foreign currencies without stress or delay. Similarly, our online currency converter offers free services without any restrictions.

Educational Purposes

High school teachers can adopt this tool for educational purposes. They could use it to show the students how exchange rates really work.

No Installation or Signup Required

Unlike many currency converter apps, SEO Tools Audit Currency Converter works instantly without installation. It's an internet-based tool you can explore without downloading or creating an account. No signup or fees are required to use this currency converter.

Multiple Currencies Supported

Our well-built currency converter allows you to convert Canadian dollars to USD, EUR to USD, or AUD to INR as it supports more than 30 popular currencies, including US dollars, Australian Dollars, Pounds, Euros, and more.


This currency converter will display the exchange rate used for your conversion. For instance, it will display the exchange rate (1 USD = 0.91 Euros) for better transparency and trust. Transparent conversion helps you to check and verify whether the rate matches live market rates.

How to Use the Seo Tools Audit Currency Converter?

Follow these simple steps to use our Currency Converter:

  1. Visit the Currency Converter page
  2. Choose your preferred currency from the "Currency I Have" drop-down menu. Options include USD, EUR, CAD, etc.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to convert.
  4. Select your desired currency from the "Currency I Want" dropdown options.
  5. View the converted amount and exchange rate used.

Repeat the steps above for additional conversions as there are no usage limits.


No more stress or digging for your calculator to convert Canadian dollars to Euros. Let our smart currency converter do the work for you. Our tool guarantees an easy-to-use interface and reliable exchange rates. It is fast and transparent, making it suitable for travel, business, shopping online, or educational purposes. Hence, it is the perfect tool for all your currency conversion needs. Head over to the page and try it out.


Is there a fee for using a currency converter?

SEOToolsAudit Currency Converter and many other online currency converter tools are free. We offer free, precise, and seamless services to everyone across the globe.

How often are exchange rates updated?

The best currency converters update exchange rates regularly or daily. This ensures you get an accurate conversion-based rate before any international transaction.

What languages are available for the currency converter?

At the time of this writing, our currency converter features only the English language. Nonetheless, language is not a barrier as the conversion process deals largely with numbers and figures.

What is the purpose of a currency converter?

The primary purpose of a currency converter is to reveal the exchange rate between two currencies. It also helps you create a compatible budget and make informed business decisions if you deal with global brands. For instance, a conversion result will influence your decision to trade your local currency, invest in foreign currency, or shop in foreign malls.

What currencies can I convert with this tool?

Our converter supports over 30 major currencies, such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, INR, and JPY.

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