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Track any webpage's inbound links (backlinks) to perform routine link audits. Link Tracker assists you in tracking link analytics. With this tool, you can track two statuses of links: is the link indexed, and whether or not the link is live.


About Link Tracker

As a website owner with many links connected to your website, you must regularly analyze and track these links so that you can identify the good and spammy links.

While blogs, articles, links to reviews, paid links, and link exchanges help increase your website's online visibility, they will not produce the desired results, especially if you do not have link organization or track the sources and effects of this link. 

A link tracker tool makes identifying spammy links and poring through the links easy. 

What is a Link Tracker Tool?

A link tracker tool allows you to track links pointing to your website and determine if they are beneficial or detrimental. It can inform you whether or not the page has been indexed and whether or not the link is live.

It is no longer sufficient to create high-quality backlinks. You must also routinely examine your website's backlinks to avoid an unpleasant meeting with Google or any other search engine, as spam backlinks might cause your website to be de-indexed.

Webmasters must keep a close eye on their websites' backlinks to avoid having different spam backlinks. Perhaps your competitors' websites are currently busy generating low-quality backlinks to yours. It's a horrible strategy to lower your ranks. You're probably wondering how to track your backlinks.

Benefits and features of Link Tracker

Here are some key benefits and features of tracking links connected to your website or pages.

Website Insight

Link monitoring enables you to measure your marketing efforts more effectively and provide solutions that help you enhance your marketing ROI.

Link tracking lets you quickly track and see which efforts generate the most click-throughs and value. This lets you make informed choices about which initiatives will yield the highest returns and warrant additional attention.

Also, the link tracker helps with monitoring which links get deactivated and when the deactivation happens. This saves them the effort of building various one-way links.

Saves Time

Many variables are involved in establishing if a link is "bad" or "authoritative," though webmasters want to examine the riskiness and quality of each link. A link tracker helps you check every essential feature in a short time.

To filter out harmful links, webmasters must go through the filtration process of a larger link profile. This takes a significant amount of time for many webmasters. But the link tracker tool's automation makes it easy to filter these links without taking time.

Ensures Safe Website

A periodic check on your website's links will keep it safe from spam and hackers who constantly attempt to break into websites and wreak irreversible harm to them. Use this useful link tracker in addition to the other chores you undertake on your website. 

How to use the Link Tracker tool?

Here are the simple steps involved in tracking your links with the SEOToolsaudit link tracker

  1. Go to the SEOToolsaudit page and navigate to the link tracker
  2. Enter the website URL you want to track
  3. List Page URLs that contain a link to your website: (one URL per line)
  4. Choose your preferred search engine. The search engines include,,, etc.
  5. Click on Track Now and wait for the result.

The result will show the list of links in a tabular form and tick if the links are indexed or live.


A link tracker allows you to track your website's link exchanges. You can use this tool to check the validity of your one-way backlinks and see whether they have been removed or are no longer active.

A link tracker tells you the PageRank (PR) of the pages that carry your backlink. It is significant because it allows webmasters to determine the relevance of links and can aid in search engine optimization.

Using a link tracker also allows webmasters to take control of the work required to keep search-engine-optimized web pages.

Thanks to our free link tracker tool, you no longer need a link development strategy without knowing if it will benefit your product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the link tracker work?

Tracking links work by connecting a digital tracking code to a link on your website. The code used on the link solely tracks user activity (clicks) for that specific link. Because each tracking link is unique, the data reported on each tracking link is unique to that link only.

How many links can I track with the link tracker tool?

You can only check one website URL, but you can check multiple pages attached to the website URL. To use the link tracker tool on SEOToolsaudit, there is a box to paste the website URL and another to paste numerous page URLs connected to the site.

What is the purpose of the track link?

A tracking link's objective is to generate a unique URL that is only utilized with one marketing activity. You can examine the traffic coming from a single source by putting a unique link on one activity.

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