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About Meta Tags Analyzer

Perhaps you have heard that meta tags play a pivotal role in improving a web page's rankings on search engines. But do you know that meta tags can indirectly affect your website's online visibility and traffic?

Poorly-crafted meta tags can affect your blog's index and other aspects, thereby reducing the page's click-through rate and revenue in the long run.

That's why experienced bloggers and webmasters are now analyzing their meta tags with our Meta Tag Analyzer to identify errors and irregularities that could sabotage their efforts. Read on to discover how you can benefit from our tool.

Our Meta Tag Analyzer is a tested-and-trusted tool for checking meta tags and pointing out errors. It will scan the URL and provide an accurate result page based on its discoveries.

Apart from revealing the errors, this tool will recommend what you should edit to improve the web page's meta tags.

Features of Meta Tag Analyzer

Below are the features of our meta tag generator

Meta Title Analysis

This part contains the page's title. It could be a blog post, service, or article's title. Our Meta Tag Analyzer tool will scan the title, observe the length, and reveal the number of characters it contains.

Likewise, the tool will provide the necessary suggestions based on the result. For instance, it will advise you to reduce the Meta tag length if it exceeds 70 characters. It will also suggest you increase the length if it lesser than ten characters. 

Meta Description Analysis

A meta description is a short text describing what the page is about. This user-friendly tool will examine the Meta description for any error.

It will reveal the word count and confirm if it's perfect for Search Engines Optimization. Meanwhile, you might need to delete the word count if the meta description is more than 320 characters. 

Meta Keywords

This part reveals the keywords in your web's Meta tags. You should add at least one keyword to your meta tags for more efficiency. 

Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph meta tags are a tiny group of codes that control how your page's URLs appear on social media when you share them with your followers.

Open Graph meta tags make your blog's meta description appear more attractive and organized in social media feeds. They also let Facebook and other platforms understand your content, thereby, driving more traffic to your web.

When it comes to meta tags, Open Graph meta tags are crucial features that no experienced webmaster would want to ignore. During the nitty-gritty scanning process, our meta tag generator also prioritizes the open graph meta tags. 

Green Text 

Watch out for green-colored texts while using the tool. It represents perfection, meaning you do not need to improve or change anything.

Benefits of Meta Tag Analyzer

Below are some top benefits you stand to enjoy from using our meta tag generator:

Evaluate Your Competitors' Meta Tags 

Apart from helping you improve your webpage's meta tags and search engine rankings, this tool can help you evaluate competitors' websites.

Provide your competitor's URL, and our tool will unveil everything about it, including the Keywords and Title. The analysis results will give you a better idea of what to include or delete in your meta tags.

Discover Meta Tags Issues and Solutions

Another benefit of using the Meta Tag Analyzer is that it reveals what's wrong with your tags and how to solve it. That is, the tool won't only highlight the problem, but also suggest ways to create effective meta tags for your web. 

How to Use Our Meta Tag Analyzer?

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Select the Meta Tag Analyzer from the available services.
  3. Provide your page's URL.
  4. Confirm your human status by passing the captcha test.
  5. Click the "Submit" button for a comprehensive meta-tag analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meta Tag Analyzer effective in HTML? 

A Quality meta tag Analyzer tool is effective in HTML as it will scan your website's meta tags and reveal the errors; thus, it will boost your chances of creating properly structured, well-optimized, and relevant tags. 

How does a meta tag analyzer tool work?

A meta tag analyzer tool will scan your web page's HTML, extract the meta tags in the section, and analyze it. It will examine the title, description, keywords, and open graph tags before providing the results and suggestions. 

Can a meta tag analyzer tool analyze multiple web pages at once?

Only a few paid meta tag Analyzer can check multiple web pages at a go. Being a free tool, Seotoolsaudit Meta Tag Analyzer supports one page per time. That said, it will interest you to know that you can check all kinds of pages with the tool one after the other.

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