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Open Graph Generator

Open Graph is a meta tag that ensures web pages appear attractive when you share them on social media. Founded in 2010 by Facebook, it's an embedded code that allows links to display clickable images and titles for better visuals and engagement. 

However, an open graph isn't what you can create without high coding skills and experience. The only alternative is to use the Open Graph Generator tool that creates optimized metadata for your pages. This post explains what an open graph generator is, its benefits, and how it works.

What is an Open Graph Generator?

An open Graph Generator is an online tool that creates well-formatted open graph meta tags for your web pages. It generates the OG tag in an embedded code you will later paste into the HTML section of your pages.

Features and Benefits of an Open Graph Generator

Below are some features and benefits of the tool:

Seamless Open Graph Creation 

Configuring customized open graph metadata for your landing pages and blog is difficult. It requires coding skills and knowledge to create one. 

Thankfully, the Open Graph Generator will handle the whole coding process and generate the valid metadata you need. It will automate the process and ensure you have more than enough tags for your web pages. 


This Open Graph Generator boasts simple web interfaces, allowing you to generate sharable metadata in 10 seconds. Just provide all the necessary information and watch how the tool produces quality tags in real-time. 

Improved Social Media Engagements 

Gone were those days when Social media platforms contained different ordinary web and affiliate links. Nowadays, shared links display clickable images that redirect your followers to your page. 

With this tool, you can create an open graph that encourages attention-grabbing social shares. This will result in more clicks, likes, and engagements. 

It Supports Different Domains and URLs 

This tool supports different domains and URL formats. You can use it for .net, .com, .org, and other domains. It also works for HTTP and HTTPS links. 

How to Use the Open Graph Generator Tool 

Below are easy steps to use the Open Graph Generator tool:

  • Fill the boxes with accurate details, including your site URL, name, title, type, description, and image URL. 

  • Select the number of images you would love to display on your social media pages. 

  • The tool will generate the open graph meta tags as you provide the required information. 

  • Click the "copy" button to copy the newly generated open graph (embedded code) in the output box. 

  • Head over to the page's HTML <head> section and paste the code. 

That's all; you can now share the page's URL across your social media accounts. 


Which is the best open graph generator?

Seotoolsaudit offers one of the best Open Graph Generator tools. It is free, fast, and secure for every user. It generates numerous open graph metadata without any coding experience. 

What social platforms use Open Graph metadata?

Major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn use open graph metadata for link previews. 

Can I customize the metadata Open Graph Generator creates?

Yes. You can edit parts of the generated open graph data before copying the code. Change the description, title, and page name to whatever you want. 

Does Open Graph Generator provide embedded code for the tags?

Open Graph Generator provides embedded code containing a valid open graph tag. Copy and paste the code into the HTML head of your web pages. 


Don't settle for a difficult method when you can create multiple open graph metadata in a few minutes. This Open graph generator tool will reduce the stress of optimizing web pages for social media. It's an invaluable tool for anyone looking to explore social media for more profits. 







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