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About Open All URLs

Open All URLs 

Opening a new tab on your browser seems easy, but it becomes more stressful when dealing with multiple links. Many researchers and content writers sometimes bookmark interesting URLs but forget to revisit them due to the stress and workload. 

To prevent this, you need the Open All Urls tool that opens multiple links with just one click. It saves you the stress of opening new tabs or typing multiple web addresses one after the other. 

What is the Open All URLs Tool Do?

Open All Urls is a simple online tool that opens all URLs in separate browser tabs. It's a simple web-based tool that allows you to open at least 30 URLs simultaneously. 

Features and Benefits of the Open All URLs Tool 

Below are some benefits of using this tool:

It Supports All Internet Protocols and Browsers 

The Open All URLs tool supports all major internet protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. It doesn't matter if you paste regular web pages, secure websites, or file transfer pages — it will open all without issues. 

Likewise, it is compatible with all browsers, mobile devices, and computer systems. 

Time Efficiency

This multiple URL opener allows you to paste many URLs on separate lines and open all of them with one click. It makes your research work easy and fast, saving you the stress of loading each link individually. 

Hence, it's a must-use tool for everyone with a long list of reference articles to read online or products to research. 

Free Access and Friendly Interface 

This tool is known for its easy access and seamless usability. It grants you easy and free access to all services. It doesn't require any payment, installation, or account creation. 

Top-level Privacy and Security 

While it offers unlimited access, this tool prioritizes user security and privacy. It doesn't ask for any information or store your data for any reason. It will automatically erase your browsing history once you are through with it. 

How to Use the Open All URLs Tool? 

Using this utility tool is simple: 

  • Paste the list of URLs line by line. 

  • Click the "Open All" button. 

  • All the pages will open in separate tabs. Click each of them to read the content. 



Who can use the Open All URLs Tool?

The Open All URLs tool is useful for everyone who uses the internet daily. As a content writer, this tool will enhance your research process by opening multiple sources at once. 

SEO site auditors also need it because it lets them access and analyze multiple links via one browser. Affiliate marketers and web designers will benefit from the tool's fast and free services for better productivity. 

How do I open multiple URLs in Chrome?

You can open multiple URLs on Chrome, Opera Mini, and other browsers with the Seotoolsaudit Open All URLs tool. This tool lets you open over 30 pages simultaneously, so you need not go through the stress of opening different tabs manually.

Where can you use the Open All URLs tool? 

You can use the open all URLs tool anywhere as there are no geographical restrictions. Whether you are in London or South Africa, the tool is always at your disposal. Just visit the page, provide URLs, click the submit icon, and boom, all the links will be opened regardless of your location. 


Here is a must-have online software for anyone looking to visit multiple sites using one browser. It saves time and gives faster access to content you want to read. 








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