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With over 4.95 billion users, social media is one of the best places to drive organic traffic to your websites. However, without open graph metadata, your content may not stand out when shared on social platforms. 


A well-structured open graph ensures better content distribution and optimization on social media. Use the Open Graph Checker tool to optimize your web posts and content for more Social media engagements. This post explains what an open graph checker tool is, its key features, and how to use it.


What is the Open Graph Checker Tool?

Open graphs are embedded codes in the head section of web pages to control how URLs appear on social media. Rather than showing a plain URL, a page with an open graph will display a compelling title, description, and images as the social media preview. 


Meanwhile, An Open Graph Checker is a simple online tool that examines URLs and tells if they contain crucial Open Graph metadata. 

Benefits and Features of Open Graph Checker


Here are the main advantages of using the open graph-checking tool:

Quick and In-depth Page Analysis 

Are you wondering whether your website features an open graph metadata? Use this fast tool for quick confirmation. The Open Graph Checker can instantly audit your pages and display the result in less than ten seconds. 


This tool is more than a fast result; it also delivers in-depth details about any URL. It covers information like og: type, og: title, og: description, og: URL, og: site_name, and og: image. 


Therefore, if your website contains the open graph metadata, you will see the site's name, title, meta descriptions, image (in code), and URL. 

Important Clues for Social Media Previews 

Though the tool won't display how your page will appear on social media, it provides crucial SEO information. 

The result page ultimately gives you a perfect clue of what to expect whenever you share your website's link on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


For instance, expect a standard preview (on your social media page) if this tool displays all the information above. However, expect an ordinary link (on your social media page) if the result is blank. 

It's Simple and Safe 

This online tool is easy to operate due to its user-friendly interface and design. Whether you are an expert blogger or an inexperienced social media influencer, you can use this tool without breaking a sweat. 


Similarly, this Open Graph Checker guarantees maximum security for all users. No information remains in our database, so no need to worry about data breaches and unsolicited intrusion. 

How to Use the Open Graph Checker

Using an Open Graph Checker is very straightforward:


  • Click the tool to continue. 

  • Paste the page URL into the input box.

  • Click "Submit" and see the results. It will display all the page information if there's an open graph. 

  • Click “Try new URL” to check another page. 



How do you check Open Graph Data? 

You can check your page's open graph data using the Seotoolsaudit Open Graph Checker. Visit the page, paste your URL in the box, and click on the “submit” button. It will display detailed data like Title, type, site name, and image. 

Why do I need the Open Graph Checker?

You need the Open Graph Checker tool because it helps to know if your links have what it takes to stand out when shared on social media. The check result lets you know what to do before sharing the links on Social Media. 

Does the Open Graph Checker also check for schema markup?

As the name implies, it only looks for Open Graph meta tags. It does not display Schema markup as it focuses on social media shares.



Always use this Open Graph checker tool before sharing an article, product page, or blog post on your social media profile. 

With that, you can be sure they will capture people's attention and drive more traffic to your website. 








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