Use our TXT to PDF converter to easily convert TXT files to PDF documents.


About TXT to PDF

It takes many hours to format Text documents so that they can look more professional and presentable. This can hinder your productivity especially if you have a deadline to meet or many TXT files to edit.

However, you have nothing to worry about if you use the SEOtoolsaudit TXT to PDF tool to convert your TXT files to a well-formatted PDF file that looks polished. Stop wasting your time and energy when you have a tool that will do it in seconds.

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What is the TXT to PDF Tool?

TXT to PDF Converter is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to facilitate the conversion of editable plain text files to compatible portable document formats (PDF). This tool ensures that content stays true to the original formatting.

You can use this free tool for your created text file for easier transfer across different platforms and devices.

Features and Benefits of the TXT to PDF Converter Tool

Here are some benefits of the TXT to PDF converter tool.

Consistent Formatting During Conversion

There are different formatting used in TXT files. Here are some of the common formatting the converter helps you with

Seamless page split case

This TXT to PDF Converter effectively handles page breaks to ensure your document flow remains seamless. Headings and paragraphs are cleverly arranged to divide it into several pages.

Consistent fonts and spacing

The tool ensures accurate conversion of character types and spacing in your text document, eliminating inconsistencies that could otherwise affect the appearance.

Flawless images and photos

Your PDF documents will retain their visual quality, making them more professional, especially for documents with visual elements. There will be no distortion after the conversion.

Consistent table and column format

Your PDF documents will preserve their original order to prevent data inconsistencies or system interference. This makes them look more professional and suitable for formal settings.

Secure file transfer

Sharing sensitive digital text information in plain text can be risky, as it can be edited or altered by unauthorized individuals. Converting text files to PDF not only makes sharing easier but also strengthens the security of your content. It acts as protection against unauthorized modification or modification.

For additional security, you can use the Encrypt PDF tool on this website, making it suitable for sharing confidential business documents and sensitive information.

Fast and reliable file transfer

The fast and efficient operation of the TXT to PDF converter reduces the time required for the conversion process. Even if you choose to save the resulting PDF, it does not affect the file's performance or accessibility.

The tool ensures fast and reliable conversion, with minimal impact on file size.

No need for any third-party app

The tool only uses your web browser and internet connection, which means it doesn’t install new apps on your system. This makes converting text to PDF simple and easy to use.

It's free

It is a free and easy-to-use solution for a wide range of users from students to entrepreneurs and business owners.

SEOToolsaudit offers TXT to PDF Conversion without the need for registration. Also, users can use the tool without having to create an account or adding their card details.

How to use the TXT to PDF Tool?

Using the Online Text to PDF Converter takes a few seconds with these simple steps

  1. Go to the tools page of the SEOToolsaudit website.
  2. Select "TXT to PDF Converter Online" from the list of available tools.
  3. Choose your text file or drag and drop it on the tool.
  4. Click the "Convert Now" button to start the TXT to PDF conversion process.
  5. Wait a few seconds for the change to complete.
  6. Use the download button provided to download the converted PDF file.If you want to convert multiple text files to PDF, you can start over and repeat.


As a student, entrepreneur, or office worker, who works with TXT files, it is best to save your files in PDF format especially when you need to send them across platforms. The TXT to PDF tool makes it easy to convert the files in a few minutes.

The tool also ensures that different formatting and layout used in the TXT file remains intact and presentable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert articles to PDF for free?

You can convert TXT files to PDF for free using TXT to PDF Converter by SEOToolsaudit. This tool does not charge for its services and does not require the installation of an app or registration on the website.

Is a TXT file better than a PDF file?

They are both useful depending on what you want to use them for. Text files are plain text while PDF files can include tables, images, links, and different auditions. However, PDFs are known to be more secure, formal, and presentable.

When can I use TXT files?

TXT files are commonly used in software applications, servers, and frameworks. Coders use it to store code for programming languages because it is a simple readable format that developers and other computer users can utilize.

Will I lose the file’s format if I use the TXT to PDF converter?

No, the TXT to PDF converter retains the original layout and format of the text file. For more reliability, use the SEOToolsaudit TXT to PDF converter.

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