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About URL Shortener

Is it important to shorten long URL links? Will short URLs affect my blog's ranking? What tool can I use to convert long URLs to short and simple ones? These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding URL links and search engine optimization.

The answer to the first two questions is a yes. You should convert long links to short ones for SEO purposes and other reasons. Also, our URL Shortener is currently one of the best due to its smooth conversion process and other laudable features.  

What is a URL Shortener?

There's little definition about this tool, as the name already explains what the tool does—the URL Shortener is designed to make long links short and simple to boost your pages' ranking on SERPs.

Features of Our URL Shortener

Impressive Usability

This web-based url converter features laudable usability as it doesn't require much process. The user-friendly interface and highly responsive buttons mean you wont to struggle to convert your links. 

It is Free

Unlike some other URL Shorteners, ours is completely free. Enjoy all the features and benefits without paying a dime. It is available to everyone regardless of their location and financial status.

There's nothing like premium customers, VIP packages, subscriptions, hidden charges, or additional costs because it is a free-to-all cloud-based tool. 

Speedy Service Delivery

Here is another SEOtoolaudit tool with blistering speed. It will process your links and convert them to short, readable, and understandable ones in seconds.

Benefits of Using a Long to Short Converter

Short Links Improve User Experience

Short links attract more visitors than long ones because they are easier to type and understand.

For instance, consider the following URLs:




Which one do you understand and prefer? Definitely, it's the first one due to its simplicity and seamless interpretation. 

Shorter URLs Perform Better Than Longer Ones on Search Engines

Search Engines rate short URLs better than long ones. Why? That's because short links are search engine friendly. They also provide precise information about a page.

Their simplicity and specificity allow search engines to know everything about the page without fuss.

Longer URLs sometimes contain too many subfolders, complex words, and unclear symbols that will affect the page's ranking. 

They Are Easy to Share on Social Media

Short URLs are more shareable than long ones. People can easily share short links with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

On the contrary, sharing longer URLs on social media can be a bit difficult. Seeing different symbols and complex characters could discourage viewers from sharing the link with their audiences. 

Short URLs Prevent 404 or Page Not Found Errors 

Sometimes, long URLs lead to broken links or "page not found" errors because users can't remember all the lengthy characters.

Hence, adopt the short URL links practice to prevent unwanted results that could discourage people from viewing your website. 

How to Use the URL Shortener?

Our URL Shortener is one of the simplest link converters available because it is straightforward. Here's how to use this tool:

  1. Visit our URL Shortener service page.
  2. Paste the link you want to convert in the available column.
  3. Click the 'generate link' option. Wait a few seconds while the tool processes your request. 
  4. Then, click the 'copy' button to save the newly-generated short link to your clipboard. 

That's all; Share the short links with your followers on social media, and they will be on your web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a URL Shortener work?

The link converter tool will generate a unique shortened URL that will redirect users to the original long URL. Anyone who clicks the new short link will be redirected to the posts or web page without issues. 

Is the shortened link secure?

Yes, shortened links are safe and secure, except if the link is shortened on an untrusted platform to direct users to malicious websites. For guaranteed safety, use our URL Shortener, and rest assured, the shortened link will redirect customers, followers, subscribers, and audiences to your website.

Are there any limitations to link shorteners?

Some link shorteners restrict free users to specific word counts, while only premium customers can shorten links with countless characters. However, our tool doesn't restrict users to specific words. It supports all links, even if they contain many words and characters. 

Can I customize URLs shortened by URL Shorteners? 

Though some link converters support customization, this tool doesn't yet allow the customization of the shortened URL this time. However, keep a close tab on this page for updates.

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