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Your conversion rate as a marketer or marketing firm largely depends on the number of emails you send and the ones delivered to the right channel. Unfortunately, some emails often go undelivered because your server has been blacklisted. 

That's why you must check your IP and domain URL regularly with this Blacklist Lookup tool to prevent any deliverability issues. This post explains what the Blacklist Lookup tool is about and how to use it. 

What is a Blacklist Lookup?

The Blacklist Lookup is a web-based tool that checks if an IP address, domain, or email is in a Blacklist. Once you type your domain URL, it will search the necessary databases and will reveal the DNS blacklist blocking your IP. 

Benefits and Features of the Blacklist Lookup Tool

Here are some top features of this Blacklist Lookup tool:

Comprehensive Data

This tool checks some popular blacklists like Spamhaus and Uceprotect for detailed results. It runs through 26 lists and reveals the ones blocking your IP and domain. 

Fast Speed

There are lots of Blacklist Checking tools, but only a few deliver a thorough and fast result like the Seotoolsaudit Blacklist Lookup. With its automated technology, this tool provides quick analysis, ensuring you get the information you need in seconds. 

No Complicated Setup 

This Blacklist Lookup tool has an intuitive interface that works without much effort. Analyze multiple domains and IPs without complicated account signup or software installation.

Security and Privacy 

In today's digital era, it's easy to lose personal information to fraudsters through online applications. Hence, our developers ensure the Blacklist Lookup tool is very safe and secure for everyone. 

It doesn't need a name, password, or confidential information to meet your needs. Additionally, we flush our database to guarantee maximum security and privacy. 


The most exciting part is that all these features are free to all users. This Blacklist Lookup tool offers reliable results and top security at zero cost. No hidden charges or premium plans. 


How to Use the Blacklist Lookup

It takes only three steps to use the Blacklist Lookup tool:

  • Paste or type in an IP address, Web URL, or email address. 

  • Hit “submit” to see the comprehensive results. 

  • Scroll down the page and check if your IP address is in any of the 26 spam servers. 


Which is the best, free Blacklist Lookup Tool?

The Seotoolsaudit Blacklist Lookup tool is one of the best options as it checks different DNS blacklists in seconds. It is one of the few Blacklist Checkers that confirms IP address and email status without registration and installation. It's user-friendly and fast. 

Can the Blacklist Lookup tool remove my websites from blacklists?

The Blacklist Lookup tool doesn't remove domains, IPs, or email addresses from blacklists. It will only reveal the lists, giving you a perfect clue of where to channel your attention. 

How often should I use the Blacklist Lookup? 

Blacklist monitoring isn't a one-off activity. It's something you should always do to know your email status. So, use this free and secure tool weekly and nip any danger in the bud before it escalates. 


Have you ever tried to send an email only to have it bounce back or get flagged as spam? There's a good chance that the email landed on a Blacklist. 

Take advantage of the free and reliable Blacklist Lookup to solve this problem. Meanwhile, always check to track your status and boost your email marketing performance. 








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