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About Watermark PDF

There has been a staggering increase in online theft and unauthorized use of data in the digital space, which implies the need to secure confidential PDFs and documents with watermark tools. 

Seotoolsaudit watermark pdf offers free, sharp, and customizable watermarks that will add a professional touch to your sensitive content and protect it from online theft. 

What is a Watermark PDF Tool?

Watermark PDF is a tool designed to add custom marks to your PDF files to prevent unauthorized usage. These marks can be text, logos, images, or signatures based on your choice and tool capacity. Our watermark pdf tool currently supports only text. 

Features and Benefits 

These are the reasons you should use Watermark PDF for your intellectual property and sensitive data:

Visual Branding

Write your company's name in the watermark to identify your content. This feature helps you establish ownership, promote your brand's visibility, and prevent unauthorized use of your intellectual property.

Enhanced Security

Watermarks like "Confidential" or "Do Not Copy" will stop intruders or pirates from sharing sensitive documents without permission. 

With this feature, you will provide an extra layer of security to safeguard private information, business secrets, and other privileged data.

Similarly, we prioritize your security and privacy. Hence, we don't save users' data on our server.

Version Control

Inserting version dates into watermarks distinguishes one draft from another. It will also reduce confusion because stakeholders and users will know whether or not the documents contain accurate and updated information. 

Tamper-proof and Preserved Formatting

Seotoolsaudit watermarks are tamper-proof, which means no one can edit or remove them.

Likewise, the process won't alter anything in your document. The formatting, pages, numbers, and other features will remain unchanged during and after the procedure. 

Validate Authenticity

Watermarking your brand's name or logo remains one of the best ways to validate a document's authenticity. This evidence of origin reassures readers or stakeholders that the content is legitimate.

Cost and Time Efficiency

This tool supports fast and free watermark applications. Apply branded watermarks to multiple pages at once without any stress or charges.

It saves vast amounts of time and money compared to manual watermarking.

Diagonal and Horizontal Layout

Unlike many watermark software that allows only horizontal positions, this tool features horizontal and diagonal positions. While the diagonal position is more popular globally, horizontal positioning is also effective in many cases.

The good thing is that you can try both options and see which one is best for your documents. 


This tool is fully customizable as it offers a wide range of fonts, colors, sizes, and styles for perfect branding. Try different text styles and fonts before settling for the most compatible options. 

How to Use the Watermark tool?

Apply your chosen watermarks on your document through the following steps:

  1. Upload the PDF file you want to watermark.
  2. Create your watermark with the desired text. 
  3. Choose your font from the drop-down menu and type the font size in the appropriate box. 
  4. Pick your text color and set the transparency level.
  5. Select your desired layout.
  6. Click "Convert now" to add the watermark to the PDF.
  7. Click "Download the file" to save the new watermarked PDF. 

Hit the "Start over" button to overwrite the settings.


Watermarking PDF files establishes ownership, enhances security, enables version control, and improves clarity. 

Whether preventing confidential data leaks or unauthorized use of intellectual property, this tool offers maximum protection. 

Don't leave your PDFs unprotected; explore our free and fast watermarking services to keep your documents safe while projecting professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Watermarks Permanent?

Yes, no one can easily remove watermarks applied by the Seotoolsaudit PDF. The tool utilizes advanced encryption protocols to secure the embedded watermarks and restrict tampering or removal attempts.

Do I need special skills to use Watermark PDF Tools?

No, our watermark tool is simple and user-friendly. You don't need a special skill or training to use it.

Fill in the boxes with specific details, click convert to apply the watermark, and download the newly edited file. 

Why is a watermark important in a document?

Watermarks are important for several reasons. They help establish ownership over a document's content, provide security by restricting unauthorized use, and enhance professional presentation. 

They also enable version control, prevent tampering, and highlight important information. In a nutshell, they boost a document's integrity and reliability.

How do I watermark a PDF that cannot be removed?

To create an irremovable watermark in a PDF, use a reliable watermarking tool rather than a basic PDF editor.

Seotoolsaudit Watermark PDF software locks the watermark into the document's underlying structure rather than overlaying it on the surface.

It produces embedded marks that are impossible to remove without destroying the original document.

Where do I put a watermark on a PDF?

Where you position a watermark depends on its purpose. For ownership, place it prominently in the center or diagonal across the page.

You can choose the diagonal or horizontal positioning based on the content style.

Regardless of the position, watermarks should appear behind the main text to avoid obscuring vital information. 

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