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About PDF to PS

PostScript (PS) is a programming language used for desktop publishing and digital printing. However, despite its importance and longevity, PS isn't as popular as PDFs; most people prefer PDFs to other forms of documents due to some reasons. So, publishers need to convert a lot of PDFs to PS before publishing their content.

Alas, the conversion process is sometimes rigorous, costly, and stressful. But the good news is that our PDF to PS tool will ease the conversion for you; the tool is simple, free, and easy to use.

What is the PDF to PS Tool?

The PDF to PS is an online AI-powered platform that lets you convert PDF files into PostScript format in a short time. It helps you generate PS files you can edit with different PostScript-supported applications.

With the Seotoolsaudit PDF to PS tool, you can easily repurpose your PDF files and use them for different publishing or printing projects.

Features and Benefits of the PDF to PS Tool

Here are some of the features and benefits of the PDF to PS conversion tool:

Installation Not Required

Following the recent trend in the world of software, this tool is designed to be used without the need for installation on your device. It's a web-based tool and will convert your PDF files to PS format on the go with only a few, simple steps.

No Service Charge Required

This tool also doesn't require a subscription or any form of payment to complete your requests. So, get on the website page and convert your PDF to PS at zero cost — no registration, hidden charges, or time-frame trials. Everything is free from start to finish.

Compatibility With All Devices

This PDF to PS converter is for all and sundry. It is a tool that is compatible with all devices across the globe. Whether you are an Android, IOS, or desktop user, it will work well for you— no restrictions at all!

Top Security

In this digital era, Internet users are prone to cyber-attacks. Many hackers always look for people's data and information for commercial purposes. Some even launch software applications to access user's details without permission. This explains why you shouldn't use random software for your project, especially if you deal with confidential information.

With the Seotoolsaufit PDF to PS tool, you need not worry about cyber threats; our tool is safe and secure for users. We guarantee maximum protection for your files.

User-friendly Interface

At Seotoolsaudit, we pay so much attention to users' satisfaction and convenience; we ensure all our tools, including the PDF to PS converter, have an easy-to-use design. With this user-friendly and high-responsive design, you will hardly have any issues converting PDF to a PS.

Quality Maintenance

This converter will preserve the layout, fonts, images, and other design elements during conversion to PS. Thanks to this attribute, no one will observe any difference between the generated PS file and the original PDF documents. It ensures the output matches the source's clarity, content, and overall quality.

Fast Processing

Conversion from PDF to PS is relatively fast and efficient when you use our reliable PDF to PS tool.

How to Use the PDF to PS Tool?

Here are the easy steps to use this tool:

  1. Upload the PDF file to the tool from your local folder, Drive, or Dropbox.
  2. Click on "Convert now" to start the PDF to PS conversion.
  3. Download the PostScript file once processing is complete. Click the "download the file" option to save it on your device or cloud storage.
  4. Open the PS file in any compatible publishing application.


Converting PDF documents to PostScript format is easy with our PDF to PS conversion tool. There's a guarantee of PDF to PS conversion without altering the original formatting and layout.

The tool is quite easy to use and accessible to all devices. Visit the page now and enjoy fast, high-quality, and unlimited conversions.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How does PDF differ from PostScript?

PDF focuses on portability, while PostScript is a format tied to Adobe products and was created in 1982 by Adobe Systems. PDF supports multimedia, hyperlinks, annotations, and encryption, while PostScript is purely a printing language without these interactive features.

How do I convert a PDF to PS?

To convert a PDF file to PostScript, you need a specialized PDF to PS converter like the Seotoolsaudit tool. Go to our PDF to PS service page, upload the PDF file to begin the conversion process, and download the generated PostScript (.ps) file.  

Is any data lost when converting from PDF to PS?

No data will be lost when using our reliable PDF to PS converter. This tool will keep all texts, images, graphics, and formatting in the PostScript output. So, there are no worries about losing any important information during the conversion.

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