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Use our free IP address tracking tool to know your current IP address and estimate location. We also provide you with details such as City, Region, Country Code, ISP Provider and Geo Coordinates.

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About What Is My IP

The What is My IP tool provides the IP address of your internet connection. IP means Internet Protocol. It is a set of numbers. The protocol refers to the regulation governing the network you are currently using.

Therefore, the IP address is a series of numbers allocated to devices in a network. For example, they may be a switch, router, or computer. Or the device may be a part of the TCP network.

The What is My IP tool even provides the address location map. Also, it includes other information, such as the host's name, country, and region of the IP. Precisely, the tool also lists the latitude and longitude of the location of the IP.

What is the "What is My IP" tool?

The tool reveals the IP address of a connection. It can provide the address of all four major IP address types: public, private, static, and dynamic. The results produced are fast, and the tool is straightforward to use.

Benefits and Features

The "What is my IP" tool lists the device's location. It also provides information about the country, location, and other details like latitude and longitude. The information provided by the tool is essential for security purposes, record-keeping, getting tech support, etc.

You gain the following benefits by learning about the IP address from the tool:

  1. Security: Today, the world has become digital. There is internet everywhere. Be it a railway station or airport, Wi-Fi connections are available for free. Now, you need to know if these internet connections are safe. The What is My IP tool helps you check if the connection is secure. As you learn about your IP, you are a step ahead regarding security.
  2. To keep a record: Using the tool, you can check if your device has the same internet connection. It helps the user to have a glance at their IP address.
  3. To learn the source of the link: The What is IP tool helps users learn from where their internet activities emanate. Say you live in Toronto. You want only some of your incoming and outgoing messages originating from London.
  4. Tech support: You approach a trusted company when you encounter technical issues with your computer or internet connection. The service provider may ask you for your IP address details to connect and fix the problem. You shall use the tool and learn about your IP at such times.

How to use What is My IP tool?

You need not do anything to learn the IP address from the tool. Visit our tool's webpage here: https://seotoolsaudit.com/what-is-my-ip. It will automatically list the IP address of your connection and other details. The additional information includes the country name, region, latitude, longitude, etc.


Is it legal to use the What is My IP tool?

Many are of the wrong assumption that learning the IP Address of a connection is illegal. It is not so. You may look into the IP address of a link. The network connections are publicly available and is free to use.

Say, there is a secure internet connection called APPLE. It is not illegal to know the address of the APPLE connection. However, using APPLE's internet without its owner's authentication is unlawful.

How does the What is My IP tool help in SEO ranking?

Using the tool, you can learn about the IP addresses of the backlinks leading to your website. As the software reveals the IP / location of Backlinks domains, you can sort them out. For example, 60% of the traffic originates from Los Angeles, 40% from Toronto, and 30% from London; your product is welcome in Los Angeles. So you need to focus more on content or services related to this region and adopt other strategies to attract more visitors from Toronto and London.

Why should I know my IP?

First and foremost, when you know your IP address, you can troubleshoot problems associated with your internet connection. Second, when you know your IP address, you can identify if the problem is with the router or link.

Can What is My IP tool tell public and private IP addresses?

No. The What is My IP tool can only tell Public IP Addresses. Public IP addresses are those addresses provided by your service provider.

Can I hide my IP address using the What is My IP tool?

No. The tool will only help you find your IP address. To hide your IP address, you should buy a VPN.

Can What is My IP address reveal both IPv4 and IPv6?

YES. IPv4 is IP Version 4. It is a 32-bit number. It is an older version. Due to the tremendous growth of the internet number of digital devices has increased. Thus the need for many more unique IP addresses has increased significantly. And for this reason, more than 32 bits are needed to generate unique numbers!

Therefore, the 128-bit version was introduced and is IPv6. The IP Version 6 used 128 bits. IANA distributed both versions. IANA is Internet Assigned Number Authority. IANA manages space and fixations of IP addresses.

What is My IP tool can also reveal static and dynamic IP addresses. The network administrators assign these addresses.






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